Retro JRPG Maker Moves From 16 Bit RPGs To PS1 Style Games


Kemco is known for developing JRPGs for Android and iOS that capture the spirit of the Super Nintendo era. Alphadia Genesis is a technical leap forward since the game feels more like a PsOne title. The world map uses sprites, but the battle system has 3D character models and dragons.

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Cam9771917d ago

The PS1 is probably one of my favourite "retro" consoles! In two years' time the console will be celebrating its 20th birthday!

NioRide1917d ago

Ps1 "Retro"

Please don't make me feel old....

Cam9771917d ago

Hahaha, you have my deepest apologies. Although I don't own my own PS1 console I have my entire library spread across digital copies on my PS Vita and physical boxed copies. I just love the thing! I've bought MGS1 3 times (twice digital) as I love it so much; it's the same case with SILENT HILL too!

I just love the PS1!

lilbroRx1914d ago

They should move to the Saturn. It had far superior 2D capabilities.

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mydyingparadiselost1917d ago

The screenshots have me smiling, especially the ones from the battle sequences. Seems the old JRPG style will never die.

Qrphe1916d ago

This would be 32-bit in definition, not 16-bit (c'mon, they even have 3D battles).