Why the PS4 and XBO are More Innovative Than You Think

News about the PS4 and the Xbox One can be found on almost every site reporting about gaming, but a portion of the market claims to be unsatisfied with the direction the industry is taking. With that, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss the need for home consoles to evolve at a slower pace and not rush out unfinished holodecks that don’t work, simply in the name of innovation. - PSLS

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dedicatedtogamers1670d ago

I don't care about innovation so much as I care about improvement (they often are not the same thing).

I'm glad that - for instance - both Microsoft and Sony took the time to improve every detail on their new controllers instead of focusing all their efforts on camera-controls.

Saints941670d ago

I feel like there is a "other half" to that pic.

TrendyGamers1670d ago

N4G's been cutting off some pics lately.

dbjj120881670d ago

Apparently the innovation offered by Xbox One has been completely neutered and it's all our fault though....

Dravidian1670d ago

meh...I suppose a new form of consumer control is innovative #kappa

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Wni01670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

consoles are amazing in terms of keeping up to date with graphics vs pcs. i mean if you showed screens of gameplay on 360 of crysis 2 back in 07 everyone would say "no way the ps3/360 can do that, i mean look at perfect dark zero!

and no, a computer bought in 2007 for $400 bucks could not play crysis 2.

ExCest1670d ago

A computer back in 2007 for $400 can't even play minecraft.

Roccetarius1670d ago

Well, Crysis 2 is only pretty graphics and lacking gameplay. Besides, Crysis 2 was made with the consoles in mind, not the PC.

PositiveEmotions1670d ago

I guess those guys really want to meet my fist

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