EA: Madden NFL 25 is 'more innovative' than ever

Contrary to its title, EA Sports' Madden 25 is not the 25th installment of the long-standing pro-football video game franchise. It does, however, mark 25 years of Madden games. And while John Madden himself may not have been affiliated with the game since 2009, EA Sports looks to have been busy as it tries to make this next edition of Madden the best one yet.

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TheSoundDefense1731d ago

See, when I think "innovative", my mind imagines completely changing the way the game is played, which you just can't do with football. Of course, EA will probably say they're doing that exact thing, but they're full of it. You're improving the controls, just stick with that.

biRdy1731d ago

Thats what happens when only one person has control over the NFL license, no competition = no innovation

nevin11731d ago

Madden 04 was the last Madden I liked.

MadMen1731d ago

I have heard this 25 times over the last 25 yrs

Soldierone1731d ago

It's that time of year again? Did they add new grass again?

sarcastoid1731d ago

Guy looks like he used to bully gamers in high school. Irony.

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The story is too old to be commented.