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Submitted by TFXR 959d ago | opinion piece

Would Microsoft Just Fire Don Mattrick Already?

FleshEatingZipper writes: I stood by Microsoft and the Xbox One’s “always-on” calls that enabled a wonderful futuristic tomorrowland. I did it even when I was being shouted down for it. I did it even when Microsoft was doing their best to make the customer seem like the enemy. One thing I won’t stand for though is Don Mattrick, the well-dressed man with the ragged hair that only speaks in PR-code and only appears when a press conference is nigh. I’ve chided him for his aloofness on this site and I believe he represents everything that Microsoft shouldn’t be. As the President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business overseeing the Xbox and all of the entertainment associated therein, he’s fully responsible for what’s going on and it seems that no one will hold him accountable. (Don Mattrick, Xbox One)

Saints94  +   959d ago
He is being payed to do that. Don't blame him, blame the people who make him limit on what he has to say.
TFXR  +   959d ago
Buddy, he's the boss, not a puppet.
ApolloTheBoss  +   959d ago
The Bilderbergs say hi.
Army_of_Darkness  +   959d ago
firing him will not make MS any better.
Its MS as a whole thats screwing up the xbox games division.
They want to be what the wii was last Gen.
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Yi-Long  +   959d ago
People who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about what gamers WANT...
... shouldn't be in this business in the 1st place. Let alone in top positions like he is.

Basically, Microsoft has lost it's focus on GAMES 4 years orso ago, when they shifted their attention from bringing us great games, to focussing mainly on Kinect, Dashboard-apps, and now TV TV TV TV TV TV.

They've been trying to turn our console, that we have and love for GAMING, into something that's only slightly related to gaming.

I understand WHY they're trying to do it. I just don't AGREE with it.

And I also don't think it's working, cause most gamers will prefer 'normal' games where you're sitting down with a controller to enjoy them, instead of flapping your arms and talking to your Kinect.

And yeah, I know it's not aimed at JUST gamers, but also hopes to bring in the casuals and the whole family, but it's still a GAMES-console, so it's primary focus should ALWAYS be GAMES, and it's main target-consumer should ALWAYS be GAMERS.

MS seems to have completely lost that understanding.

And that's why they had 3 poor E3 showings, followed by a poor new console-reveal (although games-wise, their last E3 was pretty decent).

And it's because clueless non-gamers like this guy are in charge.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   959d ago
Mattrick was President of worldwide studios at EA for 25 years before he took over the XBox division in 2007.

'nuff said.
Bigpappy  +   959d ago
I am an Xbox guy and I don't like him making decisions. He is definitely not a person that should be explaining anything to the press or the average gamer. Too arrogant and preppy to talk to common people.

Call up Jay and beg him to come back.
badz149  +   959d ago
good to know that I'm not in the minority about him. there's not a slight tone of humility in him and he almost always talk like he's at the top of the world!
JamieL  +   958d ago
Really, you must of missed E3 where MS announced a lot more exclusive games, and games in general then Sony did. I also noticed how the last 4 years the focus of MS bashing was lack of Exclusives and new IP's, but as soon as they show why they've had the drought the last few years, all the bashing changes subjects and all those games are glossed over. Also where are all those post E3 list that were so popular with the Sony fanboys every E3 up to this one? You know, the ones that show how many more exclusives Sony has than MS? Oh NVM, I forgot those are no use unless they favor Sony. Why none of those this year? They didn't abandon gamers, they just what to add a lot more to it. Were you one of the ones defending Sony last gen for the same thing. Now Sony is cloning the 360's successful formula and that's gold now. All fanboys are joke's, go look in the mirror every now and then and do some serious self assessment.
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Dmagic  +   958d ago
@ dedicatedtogamers ironic that thats when ea was the best and i loved them they started to die after he left lol
dedicatedtogamers  +   959d ago
No, he's the boss of the Xbox division.

Microsoft needs to fire the entire Xbox team.

But you know why they won't?

Because the changes they're making are exactly what Microsoft wants. They are making calculated and intentional actions to co-opt the Xbox brand (one of the only Microsoft brands that still has a good name) in order to compete with Apple and Google.

People forget that the only reason why MS entered the gaming market in the first place was to get a foothold in the livingroom.
Baka-akaB  +   959d ago
Even then those guys arent safe . They can still find other monkeys to fullfill said vision , be it worse or better .

Kinect's creator aint even at microsoft anymore , neither are the original driving forces of the xbox .

And it's no surprise , instead of getting their much more valuable input , we heard the spencer , mattrick , greenberg and tsunoda douche machines
rainslacker  +   959d ago
So true. It's hard to say where the directive came from for all the negative influences in the X1. It could have come from the top, and the Xbox team could only do as they were told...basically only working with what they were given. It could be they thought of this themselves and pitched it to the higher ups. It could be a combination of the two.

Other than that, the complete inability of all the Xbox execs to get the Xbox message across in a meaningful manner that resonated with the customer isn't very overwhelming evidence that they are competent, regardless of who's idea it was.

Building a system like this is a team effort. I doubt any one person is to blame.

We can still say how bad they are at the PR part of their job though. Because quite honestly they've never impressed me.
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Spontogical  +   959d ago
I sometimes forget whether the head-honchos at Microsoft's Xbox division are actually gamers.. If the Wii wasn't such an outstanding success. I doubt Xbox would be going so 'casual' like they have for the past 3-4 years.
showtimefolks  +   959d ago
i personally don't have anything against the guy but when he talks he have that greedy smile which says we know we are fooling the consumers but what are they gonna do

be more sincere like nintendo and sony, relate to your fanbase
imdaboss1  +   959d ago
ms as a whole is shady business..the only way they leave the gaming industry if stupid people dont buy their crap..drm will live trust me on that..especially on the xboner..they take it away it can always come back
PirateThom  +   959d ago
Dodgy used car salesman.
xtremexx  +   959d ago
MichaelLito79  +   959d ago
Another flame bait article.
Enmson  +   959d ago
Who would replace him?
NameRemoved0017  +   959d ago
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Timesplitter14  +   959d ago
please don't waste these two babes on microsoft
chadwarden  +   959d ago
Secret agent Chad Warden
LOL_WUT  +   959d ago
C wizzy be ballin! ;)
PopRocks359  +   959d ago
Maybe I'm just ignorant, but would anyone mind telling me how much this guy has contributed to Microsoft beyond his pretty poor handling of PR over Xbox One? I'd like to know what he contributed, if anything, to the Xbox 360 and original Xbox eras for Microsoft's game division.
TFXR  +   959d ago
Well, you could just read the article.
PopRocks359  +   959d ago
The article is an opinion piece and considering the headline, I don't believe this article would really give this guy's resume an objective shake. Some commenters here tend to be more knowledgeable than the authors of some of the opinion pieces I've read, so I was hoping to get insight from someone here.

Like dedicatedtogamers or rainslacker, who were actually kind enough to respond to my question.
rainslacker  +   959d ago
Most of the original Xbox team is gone. I don't know if any of the major players in the Xbox brand are still with the company. One even went on record a few months ago to say MS is losing the Xbox identity, and changing fundamental levels of it's original vision.

Other than that, the article does tell of Matticks role in MS and Xbox. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusion the author makes in mattrick needing to be fired, but it does provide a decent enough history. It's also available on his Wikipedia page.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   959d ago
Don Mattrick was President of EA ww studios for 25 years (red flag right there)

He joined Microsoft in 2007.

Two years later (coincidentally, 2 years is the average amount of time R&D takes) in 2009, Kinect was announced at E3. It's very likely he was one of the driving forces behind Microsoft's shift in focus to Kinect and "teh casualz"

That should tell you all you need to know about Mattrick and how doomed the Xbox brand is as long as he's still in charge.
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BelieveinGhosts  +   959d ago
Why should he be fired. idiotic article
TFXR  +   959d ago
Did you actually read the article?
theDECAY  +   959d ago
Read the article. Seriously? It tells you.
grimmweisse  +   959d ago
Reading must be hard for you!
cyberninja  +   959d ago
I'd like to see him go along with that douche Phil Spencer.
Rivitur  +   959d ago
You mean Dwight from the Office?


Related image(s)
DigitalRaptor  +   959d ago
Yeah, that head of MS Game Studios? Everything he says has this douchey exuberance about it, the way he smiles like a smarmy salesman, not a games developer.

Each Microsoft exec or mouthpiece has their own air of smarmyness about them. Whether its telling blatant lies behind clenched smiles, or dictating to a consumer what they should want. The fact these guys are behind a popular gaming brand and driving it into the ground, it's not good.
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Baka-akaB  +   959d ago
He's no Ed fries or J Allard , that's for sure .
Software_Lover  +   959d ago
They need Peter Moore back quick fast and in a hurry.
UNGR  +   959d ago
Don't give them ideas. They're doing good things now, lets keep em on a tight leash and keep it this way.
sincitysir1  +   959d ago
They Shud hire tretton (sp?) ;)
SpinalRemains138  +   959d ago
Yeah, he sucks.
buynit  +   959d ago
Lol isnt this the guy that said if you want off line get a 360? Yea... He should have been escorted out right then and their.
theDECAY  +   959d ago
there* :)

But I agree with you wholeheartedly!
Cueil  +   959d ago
He'll "step down" sometime soon I would think
CrossingEden  +   959d ago
i'd hate to sit at home at a computer hoping that someone would lose their job because of what he said about video games -_-
Software_Lover  +   959d ago
kydrice  +   959d ago
I can't stand how he looks. He looks like the biggest chode on Earth. Even the stuff he spews like "just get a 360" seems befitting of him to say like as if he doesn't understand why people aren't living in beach side mansions with fiber-optic connections already.
Aleithian  +   959d ago
For reelz.
blacktiger  +   959d ago
Are you INSTANE! It's Steve Balmer! Since he became CEO, Microsoft only saw downward!
S2Killinit  +   959d ago
His is not the one who decided the direction of Microsoft, Microsoft did that. If they fire him it means that they just wanted an escape goat.
MadMen  +   959d ago
Don was brought in on this 3rd generation Xbox for a reason.

He has connections to Hollywood and Cable television connections.

That should sum up all those wondering why a guy like him is involved in a game company division.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   959d ago
He looks like the retarded step-beetle!
IBleedXbox  +   959d ago
yes. i would prefer if Major Nelson took his place
Red_Devilz  +   958d ago
I don't wanna go to the "MajorNelson's future" with AngryJoe. :D
Fergusonxplainsall  +   959d ago
This guy tried his ass off to please the NFL before gamers.

Some people you just know are suck.

Now if they could make a Kinectless XB1 for $349-$399, I might get one.
assdan  +   959d ago
This guy is a walking PR nightmare. He is the one who antagonized customers when they were didn't like their policies. The consumers spoke, and the only language microsoft understands is cash.
GrumpyOla  +   959d ago
There's no reason to fire the guy. After all that rage on the net due to the used games restrictions and the U-turn on these policies and even with a $100 higher price than the PS4, the xbox1 pre-orders are catching up.
Basically, he's not the problem. Guess who is?
fegam2  +   959d ago
MS should fired him alright he is completely lost, he lives in world of his own creation but nobody want to go there ever. Each Microsoft conference of the last 3 years have been BS, all about kinect and nothing about games and you now what, kinect is a piece of crap when it comes down to play games. If you want motion in your games buy a nintendo system because in adition to the motion sensors you actually have a control that goes with it with enoughs buttons, triggers and joystics to input info, while with kinect the only real input is you! moving your arms and body like a crazy person. what kind of gameplay or level of depth and challange can you achieve from flapping arms and jumping?.
The xo reveal was even more fuck up, revealing all the things that you can do with the console, but lo and behold gaming wasn't big part of it, just TV,TV, TV, TV, and giving voice comands to kinect. Fuck MS and their gimmicks, is just like samsung's gesture control tvs, just a lot of PR crap, using the remote control is faster that open and closing my hand to change the volume!. and to put the cherry on top of the cake, MS announce the DRM and internet restrictions but just kind of tell you how they think this regulation may work!. I too believe this nefarious executive is responsible for the decay and lost of focus of the xbox brand, a brand I have loved since the original xbox. And do not kid yourselves, the 180 u-turn was not done for the outcry of consumers, it was made just after they got the proyection numbers of the preorders and see that sony just kill them a head of time of the launch, the xbox one was DOA that is why they change it DRM policy.
It gets me angry that now MS are trying to said that all that is lost because of the 180 u-turn is because of the bad press of consumers. who are they kidding, the family share thing wasn't to work like they are trying to say it will. You will have to be very naive to think that you will be able to share 1 game with 10 other people, because the reason they put the DRM in the first play was to block selling and lending games, and thus sell more copies, and they will let share 1 game with 10 other people common! even with disc based games i do not lend them to that many people.
So To recap, Don Mattrick is the one responsible for singlelly destroy the xbox brand, MS high executives have lost touch with the gaming industry, and all of them should be dismiss from the xbox division and maybe create another division for them to market products that compete with apple tv and the likes, that's where they belong.
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Red_Devilz  +   958d ago
No need to fire him. Keep him at his current position and just ask Sony to pay for his salary. After all, he is doing them HUGE favor after favor.
stage88  +   958d ago
Just get rid of xbox and let Valve replace them in the big three.

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