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New details on Battlefield 4 classes and weapon loadouts

All classes Battlefield 4 will be able to equip marksman rifles and carbines. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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xYLeinen  +   386d ago
Quote from article; "A new addition to Battlefield 4 is the “Battle pickup” weapon. These are weapons that are placed strategically throughout the map, and cannot be equipped by soldiers during spawn. The weapons, such as the powerful M82 .50 caliber sniper rifle, have to be picked up on the map by players.

No thank you DICE.. There are no hidden 50 calibers in the real battlefield either..
SITH  +   386d ago
Comparing a video game to real life is ridiculous. And I am quite sure the battfield is littered with plenty of dropped and discarded firearms of all calibers.
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xYLeinen  +   386d ago
Not the point..

This is something you find in a Call of Duty game. I play battlefield because of the down to earth modern shooter it is. Not the arcade like CoD is stretching towards. So of course I don't appreciate the new addition as mentioned..
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ZeroX9876  +   386d ago
@ xYLeinen

having ammunition and armory to specific places in a map is making a secondary objective to both teams. Sure you can capture the flags to win the game, but both teams know that controlling this area could change the fight.

Having places like these will remove the freaking areas with over 40 players at the same spot just throwing grenades all the time to get cheap kills. it changes the flow of the battlefield by dispatching squads to different areas, also giving more options to the commander at the same time.

the only downfall of this is if those weapons are incredibly too much powerful, then the scenario would be more like everyone wants the special weapon to have the most kills, hence recreating the grenade-hell show.

balance is the key here. let's see how DICE will do with that new Addition.
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CheexInk  +   386d ago
"I play battlefield because of the down to earth modern shooter it is."

Nope. You can't call Battlefield down to earth when I can hop in a jet as a grunt, do a little dogfighting, bail out, parachute onto an enemy tank, drop some C4 on it, blow it up, run off to capture the enemies flag, then grab the tank that just popped in out of nowhere.

Seriously, if tanks can be found just lying around what's the big deal with special infantry weapons?
Tvensky  +   385d ago
@ xYLeinen

I totally get you! I would love to see BF game as realistic as possible..

but thats a game mode dude.. or something similar... also, if you notice almost all BF game modes are not even close to real war... (maybe RUSH mode could be somehow realistic)..... so hidden .50 cal sniper rifle is not a biggest BF issue!

Still some realistic objective based online gameplay is very welcome, also realistic fish AI!!! ;)
da_2pacalypse  +   385d ago
I hope you're aware that they'll probably have the same custom server options as BF3. You can probably turn them off.

Just play on servers that don't have them. Why does the option to have them there need to be a big problem?
Ragthorn  +   385d ago
Pls, the closest in my opinion to real life military simulation was the Arma Series or the first Operation Flashpoint, they are top-notch realism and are even being used by the army. America's Army comes close though!
UNGR  +   386d ago
A .50 cal sniper perch in an active war zone isn't hard to believe.
UNGR   386d ago | Immature | show
3-4-5  +   386d ago
Yea there are....What happens to the guns of fallen soldiers ? They just disappear ? No they lay where they are....

It's not going to ruin the game at all it's going to make it so those that want to just camp with the best sniper rifle have to fight for that.

It keeps thinks slightly fresh and it's another element to keep an eye on during the battle.
nominal266  +   386d ago
Fully agree with you. I buy Battlefield over COD for a reason. I want that weighted feel of the Marine when in combat. I want team based game play, where you MUST rely on some other player for support.

I always tell my friends that I gave up on COD because all the game play reminds me of squirrels on crack with guns.

It seems like the new battlefield is trying to pander to COD players by making the game too fast, too sniper friendly, and putting guns everywhere. =/
Shadonic  +   386d ago
"This is something you find in a Call of Duty game. "

So false, in Cod you would be able to spawn with the sniper and a nuke for those clinch situations PLUS you would get a iron man air strike ability just from looking at the weapon in the create a class menu.
OneAboveAll  +   386d ago
This sounds dumb. Why should we be forced to fight with teammates for weapons now?

This opens up camping. People who know wher the weapons are will sit miles away and shoot anyone who goes near is. Second, will the weapons show.up pn the map?
Allsystemgamer  +   386d ago
Nothing wrong with baiting. If anything it's your fault for running straight for it. IRL soldiers bait.
OneAboveAll  +   385d ago
Yea, team killing for the good weapons. I can see it now.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   385d ago
Yup, just like vehicles, but without the armor... If we already see stupid people fighting over an stationary AA, imagine that crazy ass weapon no one else have?
xc7x  +   385d ago
that sux,peeps with no clan will be heavily targeted
MizTv  +   386d ago
Just hope the medic class isn't changed much for bf3
BALLARD32  +   386d ago
It has been. Defibs have to be charged now and rightfully so.
TekoIie  +   386d ago
Good news. There have been countless occasions on PC where I'll revive 5-8 people in the space of something like 5 seconds. Makes the Battlefield feel static and hard to take an objective.

Changing carbines to a universal class weapon I like though! Engineer needs a little less usage to makes tanks make tanks a little less vulnerable :)
Hufandpuf  +   386d ago
I'll wait unitl DICE confirms this, but it's be awesome if the Commander could call in weapon drops.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   385d ago
you can do weapon/ammo drops, and dice has confirmed this..
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Pillsbury1  +   386d ago
Some are scared of change and some embrace it.
LOL_WUT  +   386d ago
Wow and then there's those snipers who just stay all the way back in the spawn I rather have it in my loadout damn you DICE ;)
xc7x  +   385d ago
for real,we all should get it ,not clans team killing own team-mates to retrieve it
slazer101  +   386d ago
How about moving clamores to sniper class?

I can see maybe machine gun implacements but random weapons always spawning in one place does not seem like a good idea to me. The way it is now you have to earn unlocking weapons. What's going to make you want to unlock a weapon when all you have to do is go where it's at and pick it up.
T2  +   385d ago
Oh ya giving the crane campers claymores to completely protect their back is great... / s
Pandamobile  +   385d ago
Recons had claymores originally. I was surprised (and sort of disappointed) that they gave claymores to support in BF3.
Supermax  +   386d ago
It's something that has been done sinse multiplayer games have existed.unreal,tribes,gears,ha lo,cod,killzone all have weapons that set to specific map types.
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Shadonic  +   386d ago
Where is it in COD? I literally don't know, Halo has it yea and it works ( not looking at Halo 4 that game went far away from the original) but ive never seen it in COD.
sovietsoldier  +   386d ago
awesome about time dice got back to old school, like they say if it is not broke don't fix it.
urwifeminder  +   385d ago
I feel they lost something with bf3 I cant put my finger on it playing the old games were really fun I don't seem to get the same vibe.
Skate-AK  +   385d ago
I hope the weapon locations are dynamic and not static.
ddurand1  +   385d ago
i dont care for this addition.

I can see both sides of the argument though.

well have to see how the execute/implement this before a final decision.

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