Bethesda: No Wii U games from us and we don't want to say why

Bethesda's Peter Hines said recently that the developer has nothing in store for the Wii U. He added that he didn't want to elaborate on why that was.

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Snookies121765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Just come out and say you don't like the system. :\

It's unfortunate that the Wii U is losing so much traction. The future of the console is quite uncertain at this point. I don't expect it to fail or anything, but I'm just not sure how it's going to win back developer support.

Zodiac1765d ago

It is probably the small install base and lack of sales more than not liking the console.

The gamepad could be good in games like Skyrim and Fallout. It was so annoying pausing battles to change my spell on my left hand or use potions.

The gamepad could easily fix that and other small annoyances.

Abdou231765d ago

I'm amazed about the amount of people who is complaining abouy the game pad, they don't realize the amount of potential it can give, how it incridibly make a complicated controls,menues or inventory system so easy, it's a very useful input and output tool.

I want to say to those people: your lack of imagining will keep you from enjoying a lot of things in life.

TriforceLightning1765d ago

If that's the case then why are they developing on two consoles with zero install base. You would think from a business perspective that developers like this would seek as many platforms as possible or at least develop on one without any competition in its prospective genre.

BullyMangler1764d ago

once other developers see how to make a game for wiiU. . once they see one of nintendos true creations on the wiiU, then will they truly learn and see the advantage and DEEP innovation of a second gaming screen for same game . .dude . even pikmin 3, not gonna break records, but set standards . . it will (:

this is Nintendos Land < fact . . .

zeal0us1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I don't it's that companies don't like the system but more as they see the WiiU as risk and don't want to take the chance.

Zodiac1765d ago

That is really the only way to put it. Same thing with the Vita. An HD portable? Who WOULDN'T want to develop for that?

These two consoles are seen as such big risks that they cannot even secure a decent amount of AAA ports.

Th4Freak1765d ago

@Zodiac You're right, at least Nintendo realized that they have to develop first party games to sell consoles, Sony is playing the Indie card, lets hope that they play the right card after...

andrewer1765d ago

Slow start doesn't mean nothing...even PS3 had a slow start, and look at it now haha. Games are everything.

stragomccloud1765d ago

Why did people disagree with what you said? You stated merely facts. PS3 had an awful slow start, Sony was even considering not releasing another console again. But look at the PS3 now! Wow, amazing games, lots of support! No more shoddy ports! And PS4 is ready to kick some butt~

Utalkin2me1765d ago

Well cause it is completely different scenarios between each launch of the PS3 and WiiU.

CaulkSlap1765d ago

Well the Wii had an explosive start and pretty much completely fizzled out by the end of 2010. Good games had very little to do with the Wii's mainstream success.

Shnazzyone1765d ago

Yeah, wii U is missing the blockbuster it needs to get going. It at least had a decent go, not the best but a decent go at it's start. 3 million is still pretty good. I'm not sure if it'll ever get the best 3rd party support next gen. But shit. I gotta see what Nintendo does with HD graphics.

1 thing that could turn things around though. If the cost of developing at the graphics level of xbone or ps4 becomes too much. Then there is a possiblity that the 3rd parties might focus almost entirely on wii u for the 2nd half of the console cycle and port it up to the other two consoles. But that's a long shot from fuck. Both one/ps4 use pc architecture. What's more likely is 3rd parties will develop for pc's first and port to the other two.

Spontogical1764d ago

I actually don't think the PS3 had that bad a start as people thought.

Since it's release. YOY, it has outsold the 360 in Worldwide sales. Of course if you compare it with the PS2 it was slow - but it was $300 MORE..

Utalkin2me1763d ago

People think exact same scenario as PS3 and WiiU launch, huh ok.

Ps3 launched a year after the 360 launched and it had alot of momentum. Plus it was launching pretty much same time as Wii that had alot of hype due to motion control gaming. Thats excluding the high price tag the PS3 had compared to the wii that was launching at same time.

The WiiU launched 6 years after last gens consoles and is out pretty much 2 years before next gen consoles come out. Has no competition for next gen console. Comes out a consumer decent price. So how is these 2 even comparable?

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Red_Devilz1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Nintendo had some balls to launch a "next gen" console in 2012 with 2GB DDR3 RAM.

Seriously Nintendo, 2GB (1GB reserved for OS)? My smartphone has 2GB RAM. IMHO, it is entirely N'do fault about the lackluster sales of WU . I wouldn't blame developers for a single thing behind WU failure.

mrbojingles1765d ago

Just like Sega had the balls to launch a "next-gen" console in 1999 with 16MB RAM and 200Mhz CPU? Or how Sony had the balls to launch a "next-gen" console in 2000 with 32MB RAM and 300Mhz CPU?

CaulkSlap1765d ago

Exactly. DDR3-1600 has been dirt cheap for years now. 2GB would have been laughable in 2009. At least the XBone has 8GB DDR-2133 and a much higher total bandwidth (68.3GB/s vs 12.8GB/s). And IIRC PS3/360 were both above 20GB/s. Wii U is about what Nintendo launching an HD console in 2008 should have looked like.

sychosis1765d ago

Stop being such pathetic nintendrone, there is more than 5 times the performance gap between the Wii U and next gen consoles than Sega and Sony back in the day. Not to mention Wii U's gpu tech dates back to 2008, for fucks sake...

Wii U is just too little, too late.

SonyPS41765d ago

The ball is in Nintendo's park for attracting both consumers and developers onto their platform. We are approaching the end of its first fiscal year and there still hasn't been many worthwhile games that are not ports...thus no substantial sales and no strong third party support.

Someone has to make the first move, and that "someone" might be the first party responsible for the platform.

Dj7FairyTail1765d ago

no surprise here. They don't even remember developing a game for Nintendo System.

WiiUsauce1764d ago

Sad, because a game like Skyrim or Fallout would work SO WELL with the GamePad. I'll be the first to admit the gamepad almost entirely useless for most game genres, but it was MADE for RPGs. Quick managing your entire inventory/character skill trees/equipment/spells, ect all at the touch of the screen + being able to have the entire map and being able to jot down notes, mutliple waypoints, ect!! Man, it's a damn shame they're not supporting the system with a controller that amazing.

lilbroRx1762d ago

How can you loose something you never had? That makes no sense.

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NYC_Gamer1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Nintendo should be at every 3rd party studio trying to win Wii U support

Dj7FairyTail1765d ago

Every Japanese Third Parties fuck the Western. They cry cause their games don't sell. Like really.
When they put no effort or money into the Nintendo Version.
Or Marketing. How many time do you see a Third Party game that get market the hell out of from Nintendo system besides Sonic.

Brasi19891765d ago

I like how 3rd Parties expected their games to sell well. All the third party games on WiiU were late ports of old games. Give it a game that releases for WiiU at the same as its other platform counterparts then we'll see how sales really hold up.

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LOL_WUT1765d ago

I remember when someone at Nintendo stated that they don't pay for exclusives well, that wouldn't sound like a bad idea right about now ;)

zeddy1765d ago

so dont get a wii-u then, okay.

Software_Lover1765d ago

I spit some of my sprite out. Just a little bit.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1765d ago

Just a little bit?? Thank god!! :O I was stressing out about the quantity of your spilled beverage. Glad to know it wasn't alot lol xD

On topic: Not good Ninty, wtf are guys doing over there??? In your Nintendo offices & stuff, GET your head out of the gutter and give the WiiU some decent advertisement!

chadboban1765d ago

Well I guess it's mostly due to the small install base. I myself don't really have much of a problem with that, shame though as the gamepad could really function well with their games. I'll play fallout 4 or the next elder scrolls on my PC or PS4. And hey it's not like my Wii U will miss out on any RPG love when it has this bad boy coming next year

A game with huge world, transforming mechs and freaking huge dinosaurs to fight, yeah you can definitely count me in. Not to mention they have Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem coming as well although I'm not quite certain how that game is gonna be.

LOL_WUT1765d ago

Well, that's easy for you to say since you don't own a Wii U ;) I hope Nintendo are aware of this because they need a tremendous wake up call how about they start investing MORE into their first party ip's.

PopRocks3591765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Is that why six first party games are releasing this year? How about YOU wake up and stop trying to spread this lie that all of their content is not coming out until 2014?

chadboban1765d ago

Um dude last time I checked they had 6 first party games coming for the rest of this year. Also the RPG I mentioned up there (Monolith Soft's "X") is a first party game. They have 2 more first party games confirmed to be coming next year plus they're publishing Bayonetta 2 and they haven't even confirmed whether Yarn Yoshi or Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will be coming next year. And that's only the Wii U.
I haven't even mentioned the 3DS at this point. So they definitely are investing in their first party IPs.

And if Nintendo Directs throughout this year and last year have been any indication they'll announce even more stuff as the year goes on.
Nintendo needs definitely needs to get some third party support on it but that ain't happening until they increase their install base, Ubisoft themselves said that.

I'm really interested to see if the games Nintendo is releasing for the rest of this year (hopefully along with a pricecut) will have an impact on the sales of the Wii U.

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