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Xbox One’s DRM U-Turn Was a Great Idea

People have angrily written about Microsoft's decision to scrap the Xbox One's DRM being a bad idea. But they're all wrong: Microsoft made one of the best decisions we've seen in a long time. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

DxTrixterz  +   458d ago
Of course it was.
Timesplitter14  +   458d ago
People who say it was a bad move are mostly people who wanted to see the xbox fail miserably, I bet.

This would've been bad for everyone because then Sony wouldn't feel any pressure to do their best
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Anarki  +   458d ago
So glad we have articles like this to point out the obvious stuff, I would never have assumed this if it wasn't shoved in an article.
Pillsbury1  +   458d ago
The only people that win: gamers.
Timesplitter14  +   458d ago
It was the best they could do, at least. With only 5% of the votes in amazon's PS4 vs X1 poll, they had to do something or they would've been out of the race before it even started.

Now the question is : will this make a lasting impact and undo all the things they did wrong at E3, when they had the entire world's attention?
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kratoz1209  +   458d ago
Meh still looking forward to the PS4 and Planetside 2 :D
Donnieboi  +   458d ago
U won't be disappointing. PlanetSide 2 is one of the most revered and highly rated F2P shooters on the PC. My PC is trash so it ran slow on mine, but now I can see what all the praise is about when I buy my PS4.
AusWarrior  +   458d ago
You don't say? Solid piece of gaming journalism.
Benchm4rk  +   458d ago
If they kept the family share plan and lost the DRM I would of been even happier. I liked the initial vision for the Xbox One but sympathysed for others that don't have a constant or stable net connection. Just A shame that we couldn't have the best of both
Donnieboi  +   458d ago
Why do u want the family plan? Just hand them the disc. if your not able to hand it to them, then there's very little evidence that your actually "close" with them, thus for all MS knows u could just be giving it to a friend.

Let's just appreciate that we have things so good right now. To hell with MS's old policies. Just be glad we won a major victory.
Benchm4rk  +   458d ago
Not all my family live in the same city and or state. I've got family overseas and interstate. I could of lent it to the. Not feasible to hand them the disc in person
Donnieboi  +   458d ago
Still though, if MS could have still allowed it for digital games. Instead, MS acted like a crybaby because they can't implement it on disc based games (which would be saved to HDD or cloud) so they decided to punish everybody since they didn't get their way.

There's no reason why they couldn't still use it for digital or cloud based games. If they still choose not to, then blame MS, not those who simply wanted DRM to go away. MS is just acting like a vengeful brat. Even PSN let's people game-share (at least digital games).

Plus, at least we can now sell our used games, thanks to this victory.
gamertk421  +   458d ago
However, you must take into account the message. One of the biggest knocks on MS has been no unilateral clear source of info. Senior execs were saying contradictory things and making the entire company seem incompetent. The main thing between now and launch is a simple, consumer-friendly message: play now like you always have. I believe we will see the ability to opt in to many of the forward thinking programs that they highlighted prior to this policy reversal, but those plans will have to wait til after launch.
Donnieboi  +   458d ago
@Gamertk421: ^ THIS
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Benchm4rk  +   458d ago

Agreed. well said mate bubble up. If they can implement some of the features and allow some form of sharing for digital content and access to my library even if it is just the digital copies than I'll be having my cake and eating it too :-)
mistertwoturbo  +   458d ago
No matter how you look at it this is the only option they had left. What they could have done was change the policies BEFORE announcing the console. But like a stubborn child, they stuck their hands in the pan and got burnt.
PositiveEmotions  +   458d ago
Yes its a good decision but its not good enought because they still got other things to fix not just the whole xb180 thing..

Ima be getting a ps4.
corywebb93  +   458d ago
horrible idea gaming is ruined
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Enmson  +   458d ago
It was a good idea because it brings competition in the industry
Gridloc  +   458d ago
Just lower the price of digital games and DRM will take care of itself.
SuperBazza  +   458d ago
No shit, Sherlock. Must have taken multiple rocket scientists to get there, here's 3 golden stars.
SpinalRemains138  +   458d ago
Breathing and sex are terrific.
Pittoo  +   458d ago
No shit.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   458d ago
There shouldn't have been a u-turn in the road, had it just been paved right to begin with!
meganick  +   458d ago
It was a great move, and they pretty much had to do it. Too many Xbox gamers were ready to jump ship to Sony, and I'm sure uninformed Xbox One buyers would have been livid to learn what kind of DRM plagued their new machine. This reversal ensures Xbox One will be successful and more enticing. Me personally, I'm still sticking with Sony and Nintendo. But at least now I can actually consider the Xbox One as a possible purchase at some point.

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