Titanfall Producer Says Too Many Games Just "Retreat To Old Ground"

Titanfall producer Drew McCoy has stated that he wants Titanfall to be unique compared to other games, and that most games these days just "retreat to old ground" without trying something new.

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dedicatedtogamers1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

And Titanfall doesn't?

Nothing against the game. It looks sick, like one of my all-time favorites on Xbox, Unreal Championship 2.

But let's be serious: it looks like Call of Duty with robots. Even the color-scheme is the same. If that's up your alley, fantastic! But let's not start heaping praise on Titanfall that doesn't apply.

s8anicslayer1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Your right and I can bet that upon release activision will be looking very hard and long at this game so they can become the new Apple/Samsung but the video game version with EA cause this game barrows heavily from MW/CD.

vector4151916d ago

Haha that's true! But at least it's a mech game. Not many of those around..I don't understand why they don't make more mech games, people love them. Really hope Titanfall will be good.

Shadonic1916d ago

theres loads of mech games there just not on consoles.

s8anicslayer1916d ago

Don't get me wrong I liked what I saw at the E3 presentation and I wish this was a launch title because I would've preordered the one upon release but I'll just wait til spring to pick mine up along with Titanfall.

Baka-akaB1916d ago

What i dont get is why "titans" are that small . Remember that Halo teaser right before we notices the Master chief armor under the cloak ? That's how the mechs should have been .

I agree with above posts , game looks tight and pretty good , but i dont get yet how can they complain about playing it safe , when that's so far what they do with their games

Hufandpuf1916d ago

The fromer Infinity Ward team made COD what it is today. How could you not expect them to do something similar?

s8anicslayer1916d ago

I do Hufandpuf expect them to, but copyright infringement says otherwise.

Lionsguard1916d ago

I wonder how many sequels of Titanfall before we get giant robot dogs.

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Wni01916d ago

theres been maybe 1 or 2 games that have even scratched the surface of the brilliance of Half-Life 2. Titanfall will not be one of those games

lmao - just because you can "double jump" and get into a robot that does the same thing doesnt make your game that much different.

Supermax1916d ago

It's more like gears overrun then cod.wich is a welcomed change.

GentlemenRUs1914d ago

Funny... First it was "XBONE version would bet better with cloud" and now...

There bashing the old classics? GTFO of developing games then...

I really hate them now...