Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation team provides update

GearNuke: "It’s been quite some time when Veteran ROM hacker Skybladecloud assembled a team to translate PSP RPG Final Fantasy Type-0 (more than 6 months in fact) when creators Square Enix refused to release it internationally or even comment on it’s localization. Now finally the team has decided to give fans an update on how the project is coming along."

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GenericNameHere1973d ago

Why the heck won't bring this to the US? And why not give it a Vita up-port? (I know the Vita already up-ports PSP versions, but I want a higher Vita update)
Japan likes buying the same game twice. Pretty sure it would benefit both SE and fans, as SE gets easy money, while fans get the game.

killbillvolume121973d ago

Because currently square enix is making love to lightning...

Tapani1973d ago

And I'd like to join them.

Cryptcuzz1973d ago

I know what you mean man. If I don't see at least an announcement of this game being localized and ported to at least the Vita I have no clue what I will do to the next Lightning cosplayer I see in real life!

This game from what I have read and seen videos of will do very well if localized and ported to the Vita.

Redempteur1973d ago

The most logical reason is money on some of the music themes.
And the fact that the psp market in the us is dead.

knifefight1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

You can bet that when Toys Factory (the company that owns the game's music) hears Square ask the price of international rights for a Final Fantasy game, the suits at the record company are gonna say "Final Fantasy, eh? We know how much bank you guys pull in off that. Fork over some serious cash." To them, the PSP/Vita situation in North America won't matter at all. What does the record company care if a bunch of foreigners can't play a game in their own language? To them it's no big deal. For all we know, Square Enix might be in a tougher situation than it seems.

Redempteur1971d ago


Square has money..Sure they did some pretty fucked up decision last year but they aren't in a situation were they are in danger.
It's just that the previous direction for some reason decided to focus on GREE,IOS & android devices .. WHY ? don't ask ..they didn't meet the sucess they wanted to , but since they didn't spend that much money to make them , it didn't change their money model much.

For Type-0 , the real problem is that the music themes are quite incorporated in the story and there comes the moment where they ( as usual for square ) want to translate it ... and they can't since well you know it doesn't work in english. Add to the injury the fact that they didn't negociate properly for said music ( at international ) and you've got a giant mess.

But this mess is not a problem for square because they have enough money/experience to do it anyway ...
But dissidia duodecim did less than they expected and nobody , wants to focus on the psp market ( square choose the 3ds market )

As a result of all those missteps , FFType-0 is still not localised ( and probably won't be officialy )

A sad story no doubt.
Had for example the music been with sony music japan , you can bet this would have been a much less issue.

killbillvolume121973d ago

I got to say this is pretty fracking amazing. It reminds me of the fansubs who do jdrama kdrama and the like. Really great people doing something they love. Good job guys.

NioRide1973d ago

Its amazing how now, all those games that weren't getting a localization are being done by fans.

killbillvolume121973d ago

Yeah i reckon and just think none of this would of been available or able to do without the interwebs.... Times they are a changing.

jocelot1973d ago

Thanks to the awesome work of this little team we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! If only square had listened to their fans...

Climhazzard1973d ago

SE should be embarrassed with themselves that their own fans are taking this situation into their own hands (Fair play to them!).

Maybe if SE removed their thumb from Lightning's bumhole we'd see a Vita port.

Just give us trophies and English subtitles and I'll be grateful. Is that so much to ask for?!

Redempteur1973d ago

Square will never release a game subbed only.

Yeah this is dumb , but that's how square is.

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