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The Last of Us Single Player DLC is “a Side Story,” First Draft of the Campaign Included a Dog

After talking about the decision to split Naughty Dog into two teams following Uncharted 2, Neil talked about how they “made too big of game” with The Last of Us, which caused them to not only delay the release date into June, but also borrow “a bunch of people” from the other team to help wrap up production once Uncharted 3 was finished. - PSLS (Naughty Dog, PS3, The Last Of Us)

doctorstrange  +   840d ago
Dogs in games are the new Troy Baker in games
Relientk77  +   840d ago
I have a feeling from now on we are gonna see A LOT of dogs/animals in games lol

we got Call of Duty, The Last of Us

what's next? lol
US8F  +   840d ago
GTA V... Michael's Dog. I'm all for non human companions, humans can be boring sometimes.
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Transporter47  +   840d ago
Dead to Rights always had a main Dog.
yewles1  +   840d ago
"what's next? lol"

A new Shinobi Shadow Dancer sequel?...
zep  +   840d ago
eh? fallout 3 had a dog, dogmeat
GenericNameHere  +   840d ago
Unfortunately, it seems Heihachi is the only one badass enough to have a bear as a friend.

For me, I'm still waiting for the day when we finally have Velociraptors (the Jurassic Park kind) as partners. They could be your smart AI partners. They're able to hide really well, and when they see an enemy, RAR!! It runs straight into the enemy and bites its head off!
grailly  +   840d ago
the last guardian, hopefully.
Larry L  +   840d ago
My favorite playthrough of Dragon Age Origins (of the 5 full runs I did), was the run I called "Just Me and My Dog". Nightmare run, just me (Arcane Warrior Mage) and my Mabari named Bitey. I was proud of Bitey to survive the final battle with the Archdemon. Unfortunately I had to sacrifice myself, but since then I've hoped that one of the future Dragon Age games would be based on the further adventures of Bitey.
belac09  +   839d ago
Final Fantasy 6 had a dog.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   839d ago
Fish AI is the future
badz149  +   839d ago
what is it with people and dogs
I want cats, damn it! not like the Kat's one but something like the real one. purrr...

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PiperMCFierceson   839d ago | Spam
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   839d ago
Dogs > Cats for games. Try to give your cat an order or call for its help when you are in trouble... That's right, it'll look you in the eyes, complete ignore your needs and keep going with whatever it was up to.
stage88  +   839d ago
Cannot wait for the DLC. I am already on my 3rd play through. I just can't get enough of this fantastic game!
Prophet112  +   839d ago
Fable 2 or 3(can't remember which one) had a dog.
THeHoboAcrossYourSt  +   837d ago
The Rest Of Us
THeHoboAcrossYourSt  +   837d ago
The rest Of Us
Any one else notice the same written thing a few lines below?
plaZeHD  +   840d ago
Just like Bow and Arrows. I mean what's the big deal. Assassin's Creed 3 has one, Crysis 3 has one, Tomb Raider has one, Far Cry 3 has one, The Last Of Us. Almost every game has a Bow and Arrow.
Megatron316  +   840d ago
like crysis says, it's the only weapon every civilization could craft any location any time its the perfect weapon
YodaCracker  +   839d ago
Please Rockstar, give me a bow and arrow to hunt in GTA V!
baodeus  +   840d ago
He'll probably get thrown in the pot at the end due to lack of food resource. I'll bet people will flip, but hey, that keeping it reals
ElitaStorm  +   840d ago
on the Thief live coverage, the guys says that they have next-gen dogs in the game lol

play this from 10:08 and you will lol hard

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omi25p  +   840d ago
I hope its about Ishi.


Ishi is the guy in the sewers. You read all about his little underground society and what happens to some of them. But all we know is that he and 4 others escaped after the infected broke in.
brodychet  +   839d ago
trenso1  +   839d ago
i think he might have died with all the infected in the town, you see towards the end of that section, plus there is a drawing of ish and some kids dad, and they are wearing police vests and there are two clickers in one room wearing the same clothing, and are the only two in the sewers wearing that type of clothing. Leading me to believe he is dead or turned into clicker.
JUDALATION  +   839d ago
LightSamus  +   839d ago
By that logic we need a game starring a talking dog which is voiced by Troy Baker.
TrendyGamers  +   840d ago
Interesting. I can't wait to see what they come up with.
Smoovekid  +   840d ago
Was it a "naughty" dog.
Foolsjoker  +   840d ago
That comment is in Uncharted territory.
GribbleGrunger  +   840d ago
He's not going to be The Last Of Us to say that.
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lnvisibleMan  +   840d ago
You need to get your 'Cortex' checked out.
WeMilk   840d ago | Spam
Jovanian  +   840d ago

ehh...not feeling that one

ya blew it
StevenvEekeren  +   839d ago
Yep, that was a pretty bad Crash.
Rainstorm81  +   839d ago
Come guys don't be a bunch of Jak-asses.
badz149  +   839d ago
that must be one hell of a "daxter"a-ordinary dog!
MidnytRain  +   839d ago

HammadTheBeast  +   840d ago
A dog would've Jakked the game up to new heights.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry....(*walks out*)
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GribbleGrunger  +   840d ago
Ok ... let's quit while we're ahead :)
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lulumink  +   840d ago
haha, it gotta be a naughty dog!
GentlemenRUs  +   840d ago
Guess there wash no pun intended!

*i know, it sucked*
plaZeHD  +   840d ago
Your profil pic suits the situation.
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Mr_Nuts  +   840d ago
Theres a lot of ways this could go


It could show Tommy during the time he wasn't with Joel

Joel during the 20 years, maybe some parts after his daughter was killed

More on Ellie when she was taking care of Joel during the rest of Fall/Winter

Marlene's trip with the Fireflies to the hospital

Bill during the time he was with his partner and how he became a little paranoid, less trustworthy, ended up talking to himself etc

A DLC focusing on Henry and Sams backstory

The years Joel was with Tess

Tess before she met Joel starting from the outbreak to when she first met him

I could go on and this was in ONE game. I'd rather them do these short stories as DLC and spin off's then stretch them out as full retail sequels. I really want the Last of Us 2 to focus on the lie Joel told Ellie in the end.

Did anyone see the UK concept art ND did if the game was set in England, they looked fantastic. It would be great if they had to work there way through out England...from London, to Manchester, Leeds, Blackpool, Newcastle then finally Glasgow.
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ginsunuva  +   840d ago
Or Ellie's story before she met Joel.

Even though that's what the comic's about.
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TrendyGamers  +   840d ago
Hadn't thought of Tommy being a choice. Interesting.
trenso1  +   839d ago
I'd much rather see joel and tommy seeing them survive up until the point where the decided to part ways.
USMC_POLICE  +   840d ago
I don't feel it will be half assed like the dog in cod.
Dirtnapstor  +   840d ago
Dog or no dog, I'm looking forward to the DLC and a second play-through. This game was perfect. They should definitely do a sequel...the journey continues!
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GentlemenRUs  +   840d ago
Looking forward to it :)

I got the Pass last Friday(The date the game came out).
porkChop  +   840d ago
I'd rather them do DLC's to flesh out the stories and characters. But I don't want a sequel. The way the game ended was perfect and very meaningful, and the story should end there.

If they do a sequel, don't make it about Joel and Ellie. Focus on a new set of characters, in different areas, with a different story and situation. Maybe further in the future where there could be new forms of infected.
e-p-ayeaH  +   840d ago
A sequel could focus on other people that might be looking for the cure the world doesnt just revolves around them.
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Wigriff  +   839d ago
They could completely flip it and do a sequel about David (the cannibal who kidnaps Ellie), and show how he became what he became.
zpoc  +   840d ago
gunna be hard waiting for this dlc to come out. last of us is probably the best game i've ever played. can't wait to revisit the world a little more.
Monkeycan8  +   840d ago
I want some DLC on the 20 year Gap from the beginning. sorry if its a spoiler.
e-p-ayeaH  +   840d ago
Good to know there´s more single player content coming later ,the online multiplayer seems fun but i dont want to spend money on map packs and clothing.

Just deliver new singleplayer DLC and im all good for it.
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ShAkKa  +   840d ago
Maybe spoilers
Earlier in the game while you are walking with Test there a place where you can buy dogs, they're all sold out though.
Inception  +   839d ago
Ah, you mean when Joel and Tess want to take Robert. Yeah, i saw the sold out dogs and people who eats rat meats >.<
great! i already need more of the last of us
Grimhammer00  +   839d ago
Playing as a dog would fuking rule!
Enhanced stealth and lower profile. And just have you experience several instances of horror. Doesn't have to be an action super fighting dog! Lol

Just roaming. Looking for food and seeing humanity killing itself.

Littlest Hobo meets I am legend.
Xer0_SiN  +   839d ago
this is possibly the first game that got me hooked from beginning to ending. im currently on my 3rd playthrough LOL. not even demons souls did that to me.

what i would really REALLY like, and im prbably not the only one to agree on this. i would like for episodic dlc for this game. naughty already said that joel and ellies stories are done. i would like the episodes to wrap up this whole story arc (ie: tommy, bill, pre-tess, pre-henry/sam, ish, even david). that way if they have a sequel, they can start with a whole new arc. this universe is RIPE for the taking.
WeskerChildReborned  +   839d ago
Awesome i hope the story is long, can't wait. I just beat the game and right now replaying it on hard. Also hope they put in some co-op in a future DLC, that would be pretty cool.
DarthBigE  +   839d ago
Was anyone else a little upset about the ending? Or was it just me? maybe i was upset because it actually ended...
trenso1  +   839d ago
i cant find a word to describe the ending for me
Because it wasnt a normal black and white ending with a fail or success kind of situation, it was just a moral one,and was the right decision made? On one hand save someone dear to you that you've begun to consider like family, on the other save thousands if not millions of people through one persons sacrifice.
jimmywolf  +   839d ago
too elaborate slightly, it was a chance even if it did work new wars would break out over the vaccine. they also lacked the power too fight the military, so they never be able too defend the vaccine if attacked, the government would just take it an control who is saved.
trenso1  +   839d ago
@jimmywolf that is also a scenario that could likely happen, and while im not saying that it's a good thing is it better than not having some sort of cure at all?
stage88  +   839d ago
I was just sad it ended but then a minute later I started up new game+ and I was right back to happy again haha
MilkMan  +   839d ago
Now this is good news. Spending more time in this universe is the only way to go. I loved every minute of it and I canst wait to go back. Maybe different weapons and stuff.

This is the same thing they are doing with Bioshock Infinite.
strigoi814  +   839d ago
I still like a falcon with a hunter combo..
DOOMZ  +   839d ago
This all started with Fable 3!
coolbeans  +   839d ago
I thought it was 2 that had the dog companion.
Rhezin  +   839d ago
yeah there needs to be a hawk friendly-A.I.
nominal266  +   839d ago
I don't want pets, please no. Ill be happy with the DLC side story, but in an apocalyptic world with an infestation, Ill keep remembering "I am Legend" if there is a dog.

Also, it would be awesome if the DLC is from the perspective of the Hunters group! =D
porkChop  +   839d ago
The DLC won't have a dog. The dog was originally considered for the first draft of the main campaign, not the DLC. A lot of people seem to be confused about that.
gazgriff2k12  +   839d ago
the last of us 2 and uncharted 4 are on top of my ps4 games list
gamespro123  +   838d ago
Am I the only one that really wants naughty dog to change their decision about joel and ellies story like I mean make more of joel and ellies story as a sequel

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