Q&A: A Bus Driving Sim 101 With SCS

SCS Software's latest title, Bus Driver was released late last year. It's fairly self explanatory kind of game, described amusingly by The Escapist as "the bus driving simulator that lets you drive a bus", surprisingly reminiscent of Japanese regulation-heavy titles like Densha De Go for trains.

So sure, there's a bit more to it than, say, Desert Bus, and while it's received criticism from some that it's watered down the, uhh, 'level of simulation' expected from SCS, reviews have generally been positive.

More recently, the game was picked up by publisher Meridian4 for retail release in the US and Australia in May, and that's how Gamasutra got to speak to SCS Software CEO Pavel Sebor about the company, its history, and about the unlikely success of Bus Driver.

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