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Submitted by SwiderMan 963d ago | article

10 overlooked Xbox One features you should know about

TechRadar: The dust is starting to settle, meaning gamers can finally focus on the Xbox One features that matter.

The good news for everyone is that Microsoft has engineered a solid next-generation console, one we were thoroughly impressed with when we went hands on at E3 last week. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Burrito26a  +   963d ago
People dont over look these features. They just dont care.
And number 2... "why didn't anyone think of this before". Really?
HammadTheBeast  +   963d ago
Pretty sure they announced that feature for PS4 in February lol.

And yes, these features are all slightly useless or ones that would be expected anyways.
BluEx610  +   963d ago
I just hate the fact that Kinect is forced in the system, without any games for it. Why do we, the consumers, have to wait for that "killer app". Just cause Kinect is in every box, they expect Devs to go ape shit and support it like crazy. It should be the other way around. Devs make a killer app, then consumers buy it, then more devs join in and make more killer apps. Not force that shit onto consumers just so you can say "Kinect is in every box, Now DEVELOPERS must support it" MUAHAHAA. What a waste of R&D on Kinect.

Sorry for people supporting Kinect. But if it was so great and advance, then wheres my games? I know I sound hostile, but I just hate that Kinect is making the Console more expensive without any real benefits besides talking to my Xbox.

I am glad that they didn't go all out on Kinect though. But still if it's in every box, I expect at least a small Kinect Tech Demo with it. Not trying to bash MS here, but on the real Kinect is a turn off for me.
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nukeitall  +   963d ago

You mean quality games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports?

Both games sold gazillions and more than many core exclusive games. They were also relatively well received by a very biased core gaming group.

The games are there, and they will be significantly better next time around.

However, I doubt you will still like it. I very much look forward to it.
ChrisW  +   963d ago

LOL! Wow a Sheep trolling as the first poster... Who would've thought it possible?!?

Obviously... You're not an Xbot. So, go post where your comments might be more appreciated.
Burrito26a  +   963d ago
Im so hurt that you called me out. How will I ever recover from this devastating blow?
ChrisW  +   963d ago
Hmmm... therapy? I don't know. Then again, maybe you'll never recover. Maybe you'll end up huddling in the corner sucking your thumb and calling out for your mommy for the rest of your life...

But if it's any consolation, I do hope you recover and become a much more well-rounded, charitable member of your society. Your future is bright, my good man.

Now, if you'll pardon me... I'm going to bust out laughing.
KarrBOMB  +   963d ago
Oh how wonderful, I can now jump between T.V./Music/Movies/FB while gaming. Just what I wanted while in a heated battle in COD.

And what motion control system is so cool that it's a must have? Sorry, the people of the world are getting fatter, the last thing people want to do is flail around when gaming. I already work out, so gaming is sit and relax time. You can't compare online gaming and motion controls, they are 2 different things.
ShwankyShpanky  +   962d ago
Yeah, I'm confused... how can they be "overlooked" when it's the standard litany of features that has been at the forefront of the MS marketing for the last month?

Almost like saying Blu-Ray was an "overlooked" feature on the PS3.
NameRemoved0017  +   963d ago
1. Kinect is pretty incredible this time around
No its not its a cancerous piece of hardware.
2. Splitscreen seat-switching can be eliminated
People still play splitscreen?
3. Kinect included means 100% of people have it
Hope you enjoy being recorded 24/7
4. Xbox One gamepad tweaked to near-perfection
Disagree with you here, IMO the xbox 360 controller looked way better.
5. 15 first-party exclusives in the first year
And a majority of them look bad. You can have all the fire party exclusives you want but when its a piece of crap it doesn't count.
6. Still has Call of Duty DLC as a timed-exclusive
I don't give a crap about anything COD related.
7. Xbox One multitasking is slick
So is my android powered smartphone isn't more than 512mb of ram nice!
8. SmartGlass, Twitch integration are established
Gimmicks, 95% of people do not care.
9. Xbox One Cloud
Overhyped by Microsoft and it will never work right just like their kinect.
10. Achievements are carried over from 360
Also again I don't care about achievements nor does a large majority of people.
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Transporter47  +   963d ago
1. Mandatory i don't like that
2. I play splitscreen but I play in a room with a bed not a couch.
3. Because its Mandatory -.- and i don't like that
4. So they say i haven't touched it to see the difference
5. That's to be confirmed
6. How long is the wait because I don't care
7. Which makes your system less powerful
8. Smartglass is cool but idc for it that much, twitch/ustream/youtubestream who cares as long as they do the same thing
10. They should be that's a no brainer.

How are any of those impressive, only one that i might think is a good one is Live streaming which can be found on PS4 for cheaper.
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defyenz  +   963d ago
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NameRemoved0017  +   963d ago
Everytime I hear the world fanboy you gain a retard point.

So because I don't want your overpriced spybox with worse hardware everyone that buys a Ps4 is a Fanboy?
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BX81  +   963d ago
Some one has been eating crabby patties!
hellvaguy  +   963d ago
Wifi direct and replaceable controller batteries are also nice features that Ps4 doesn't have.
FamilyGuy  +   963d ago
Needing to buy your own rechargeable batteries = garbage.

I haven't had a problem with any of my PS3 controllers with their integrated, usb chargeable lithion ion batteries.

Play and charge kit = rip off
Making you buy batteries = rip off
Making you buy rechargeable batteries = rip off

If they really cared they'd come with rechargeable batteries, allow them to be easily exchanged if they die, and make them usb rechargeable. MS choose two of those three options for X1 controllers, so did Sony but I still think Sony chose the best two.
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drsfinest72  +   963d ago
Biggest fucking troll ever Stfu
buynit  +   963d ago
I think you are under hyping it.. Trust me i dont plan on getting xb1 any time soon if ever but not over any of those reasons..

Im not getting it because of how far they tried to take the drm, i drew my line at the 24 hr check in or you cant play. That idea should have never been entertained..

Btw.. I think kinect is great this time around, its a shame what ms tried to do..
ChrisW  +   963d ago
#8 actually worked pretty decently with the Xbox360, but it's a bit limited. It's more like an over-glorified controller for your media, than anything else.

I'm hoping that with the X1 and with smartphones and tables becoming more powerful, that this "gimmick" gets used to its fullest extent.
True_Samurai  +   963d ago
Wow son, you're quite the troll I hope you prove to the world of how much YOU don't like the Xbox. Please explain how can they record you without being on the internet grow up
kickerz  +   963d ago
1. Go away
2. Don't come back
3. Can we not as gamers get along with each other. It's a fun hobby not a war.xb1 day 1
lgn15  +   963d ago
"2. Splitscreen seat-switching can be eliminated
People still play splitscreen?"

Yes, some people still have real life friends.
ElementX  +   963d ago
mushroomwig  +   963d ago
'3. Kinect included means 100% of people have it'

Huray for forcing your consumers to buy an add on that not everybody wants. Sony did the right thing in regards to their camera, give people a frigging choice.
ChrisW  +   963d ago
Obviously Sheep don't want it... But they aren't "everybody", now are they?
buynit  +   963d ago
I think in the long run it will hurt sony. I dont understand how you can be a gamer and hate what kinect can do, that thing can do somevamzing things but obviously that just my opinion, dont take my head off over it.
lgn15  +   963d ago
Damn, this is what I'v been trying to explain to people all along... How can you not appreciate the Kinect and what it can do, it's basically only an advantage if anything, too bad it adds an extra hundo to the price. Personally though I think the Kinect is so worth the 100 dollars I think voice commands are pretty great, very convenient.
ElementX  +   963d ago
Weren't people saying PS Move should've been included in the PS3 after it was launched because then developers would have a larger install base?
Timesplitter14  +   963d ago
The "power of the cloud" is nothing more than an overused buzzword that doesn't really mean much. The "cloud" isn't an Xbox feature. It's something PS4, PC and Xbox 1 all have and it won't change a whole lot. The fact that MS is even promoting this as a feature and making a big deal out of it is pretty ridiculous.

"The cloud" means having an internet connection, sending data to be stored/changed on the other side, and getting it back. No, they won't have a supercomputer in Microsoft HQ that will run all your games at 999 FPS through the cloud. All the cloud will give you are persistent game saves and stuff like that.

Your google account is an example of what the cloud really gives you
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Geezus  +   963d ago
the multitasking (snap mode) is what i am looking forward to the most... gaming while watching sports or netflix or skyping without having to look off the same screen pretty good stuff
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Transporter47  +   963d ago
so changing from input to tv via remote which can also be used with the jump button to go back from tv to hdmi to game very fast, and haven't you heard of SmartTvs?
Geezus  +   963d ago
stop hating man now you can do it at the same damn time instead of flipping switches thats pretty awesome
Transporter47  +   963d ago
What i don't understand, my tv has 4 HDMI inputs so i can have my 360/computer/Ps3/ Soon to be PS4 all plugged in with no problem all is select the hdmi from my remote control, yup very very advance technology you got there.
lgn15  +   963d ago
What about being able to look at game FAQ's and game guides while simultaneously playing the game? Or watching a walkthrough on the same screen. Or pulling up a couple of cheats/hints/ect. I can't wait to play minecraft and have crafting recipes a short glance away.
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SpinalRemains138  +   963d ago

The list didn't even contain one feature which either matters or isn't on ps4!

Not one!

What a bummer.
skydragoonity  +   963d ago
*now screaming* XBOX ON! lol who needs that sh*t?
Nocando  +   963d ago
Hmmm, I sense some of you fine folks are having to try a lot harder to keep the MS hate train going.
psyxon  +   963d ago
totally a hate train because they disagree.

i see some of you fine folks are having to try a lot harder to keep the M$ defense train going.
psyxon  +   963d ago
i stopped reading at #7. silly article.
assdan  +   962d ago
The PS4 can already beat or is equal to any of those. THe new PS eye, can do almost anything kinnect can.
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