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TitanFall Wins IGN's Best Game of E3 2013 Award

IGN report's: Hundreds of games battled. One game won. (E3, PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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pedrof93  +   425d ago
MGSV should have won this.
Philoctetes  +   425d ago
I hate to say this, but Titanfall is the only next-gen game I saw at E3 that I could see being a gigantic smash hit, like a COD or Gears. It has "mass appeal" written all over it.

I'm with you that I'd rather play MGSV or Watchdogs than this, but I can seriously see people who are on the fence about buying a next-gen console making the jump for Titanfall.
green  +   425d ago
I completely agree. I am not so big on First Person Shooters and would rather play Forza 5 and The Witcher but when this game was shown, it simply screamed mega hit. Not only just a hit, but it has the recipe to dethrone COD as most popular multiplayer game.

Unless Respawn and Microsoft somehow screw it up, i do not see why TitanFall will not be a success.
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No_Limit  +   425d ago
The more I see the Mechs, the wall running and jumping, jetpacking, landing on a Titan's head and shooting its brain out, the speed and even bringing down a Spaceship, this has potential to be the next big thing like Modern Warfare 1/2 before it. Can't wait for this game.
psyxon  +   425d ago
nice joke.
HammadTheBeast  +   425d ago
Day One on PC.
pedrof93  +   425d ago
The game doesn't have a single player. I'm sure that is going to affect the story, it will be generic as it can get.

MGV5 trailer had repercussions throughout every gaming related website.
DARK WITNESS  +   425d ago
is that really a good thing or a bad thing?

EA finally have a cod killa, can we expect it to be milked yearly with every other shooter and their mum trying to make fps games with wall running and mechs?

I don't want this new gen to be a repeat of this gen with Cod being the benchmark that all other dev's try to beat.

personally I thought The division was the best game at E3 although I find it hard to believe they have only had it in production for a year. Destiny was 2nd.

Anway, to each his own I guess.. I just thought next gen would bring more interesting stuff to the table. It's not even started and the benchmark has been set by Cod with Mechs, i guess it is the mass appeal. who can argue with that.
starchild  +   425d ago
Sure, Hammad. We all know you only own a PS3. You are also always hating on the PC in articles so I highly doubt that you will be playing this on your imaginary PC.
MazzingerZ  +   425d ago
On the fence? I don't think that's an issue this gen
webeblazing  +   425d ago
the game looks fun as hell but i wouldnt say that its the only games look that look next gen. devs are doing the same things as next gen its just the scope of the game can be better now on consoles whats. what funny is respawn (real infinity ward) maybe wanted to make this game when they was at activision lol. i know theyre banging their heads against the wall right now.

i hoped its priced at around 40 - 50 though since they maybe do like Guild Wars 2 with expansion packs
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JokesOnYou  +   425d ago
DARK WITNESS realisticly shooters this gen will just be bigger, better graphics, and hopefully some fresh new gameplay mechanics, same as any other genre so unless you want a bunch of all new ground breaking never seen before genres (that would be welcomed but understandably hard to do) then your criticisms can be applied to everything shown at E3. Spark is just building on LBP, etc.
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NewMonday  +   425d ago
a game without a demo shouldn't even be considered, all we see is a quick scene changing trailer and second long segments, loud noise and bright explosions.

IMOO the best showing is from:

The Division
Infamous SS
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BattleAxe  +   425d ago
Titanfall looks great, but its almost like Respawn doesn't want to sell very many copies of the game. Its a shame that it will only be released on Xbox One and Windows 8 PCs and only from Games for Windows Live...how dumb is that?
ricochetmg  +   425d ago
Destiny looks better.
koolaid251  +   425d ago
Bf4 looks better than call of duty but call of duty is the highest selling game lol.
no_more_trolling  +   425d ago
destiny looks boring af
CRAIG667  +   425d ago
I have never liked mech type games but I really look forward to trying this out,it looks good and may just perhaps change my mind?
Feldman9000  +   425d ago
Metal Gear wasn't playable at E3
Simon_Brezhnev  +   425d ago
If it wasnt a FPS i would try it but nope. Only way i play another FPS if i got it free from plus or something.
ABizzel1  +   425d ago
It's based on which games were playable.

And if you give COD fans the first significant upgrade to their game then it's easily going to impressive regardless.

TitanFall didn't do it for me personally. It's looks solid to me, a mix of COD (average IMO) + Vanquish (a really good game).
iMixMasTer872   424d ago | Spam
MYSTERIO360  +   424d ago
This really isn't a system seller for me especially when its available for both PC and the 360.
Burrito26a  +   425d ago
Thats weird because if you read comments on any story from IGN everyone accuses the site of being pro sony. How strange that a microsoft game won.
fermcr  +   425d ago
TitanFall is not a Microsoft game. It's developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA.

As for the game, it looks fantastic. I like what I've seen so far.

EDIT: To be released on Windows and Microsoft consoles... later on (probably!) on Sony consoles.
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Burrito26a  +   425d ago
Oh you sure got me there. Its on a microsoft system. Pretty sure its also a windows 8 game as well.
Kingdom Come  +   425d ago
Actually, the game is releasing first on Xbox One, PC some time later and PS4 is a possibility.
zeddy  +   425d ago
used to be that ign was pro microsoft.
Mr_Nuts  +   425d ago
Whats with the big hype over TitanFall, seriously it baffles me. All the fantastic looking games at E3 and it goes to a game which a COD4 sequel should of been years ago if they took on a futuristic setting. It's basicaly COD, with a sci-fi setting and new additions like mechs and jetpacks etc which you would obviously find in a game's sequel anyway

WatchDogs, The Division, inFAMOUS SS, Killzone SF, MGSV, Destiny, FFXV, Dead Rising 3 etc

Come on...after all the hype Respawns new title was getting over the years I was expecting something amazing and different from what they did with COD4. I was highly disappointed with it, it looks good but not that good if you know what I mean. Hell it doesn't even have a single player and it's a same old looking FPS.
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HammadTheBeast  +   425d ago
I kind of agree. The only thing it has going is the accesability and cool stuff. Graphics are alright, just like CoD 2 at the beginning of this gen, but it doesn't really do anything new, just like CoD, but perfects a formula.

From what I've seen, plays exactly like CoD as infantry but with jetpacks and parkour, Mechs are similar to hawken.

In my opinion, Destiny, Division, or MGS should've gotten the pick just because of how innovative and overall good they are.
Hufandpuf  +   425d ago
Titanfall looks ridiculously fun.
starchild  +   425d ago
It doesn't look that much like Call of Duty.
Mr_Nuts  +   425d ago
The core mechanics are still there with added ones like Jetpacks, running on walls, mechs but the core stuff from COD is there.

It's like Black Ops to Mordern Warfare...they don't look alike but the core stuff which makes COD, COD is there.
4Sh0w  +   425d ago
Well what do you expect their forte is COD? I wouldn't expect them to do a Heavy Rain type game. If the worst people can say is they made another IP that completely outdoes their previous IP then thats success.
Blackdeath_663  +   425d ago
The Division should have won this easily. Titanfall is just another shooter nothing really impressive about it not much different from Hawken or any other scifi shooter
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   425d ago
Honestly Titanfall would be one of the last games I'd choose,I mean Final Fantasy XV,MGSV,KH3,Destiny,The Division each one of these was far better.
Transporter47  +   425d ago
Why did this game win, honestly at least to my eyes it wasn't THAT impressive the graphics were so so, basically a multiplayer with one mech on each side CoD style. I was more impressed with The Division/MGSV/Infamous/KZ/FFXV /KH3/Battlefront so many other ones.. but w.e
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Smoovekid  +   425d ago
It got the award because it is from the people who made COD 4. There were much better games at E3.
krontaar  +   425d ago
How? It looks so generic.
Shinuz  +   425d ago
The Division won E3 2013 for me.
Themba76  +   425d ago
yea division reminds me of an open world rainbow six
TheFallenAngel  +   425d ago
This game looks so generic with robots and stuff lol. Transformers meet call of duty.
Sarobi  +   425d ago
Titanfall looks cool, but I think there was a lot of other games that stood out.
fourOeightshark  +   425d ago
Mech of Duty.
psyxon  +   425d ago
back to their old ways.
ssj27  +   425d ago
from what I can see in the comments The Division won me and everyone .. just like last year watch dog won.

I will say MGSV and The Division won.

Titanfall does look like a fun game but what is all about? the campaign behind it?
and the visuals where like the good PS3 games KZ3 and not next gen.

I will get the 7 disagree that everyone is getting from the 7 people that m$ is paying to talk positive about the xbone lol but what I just say is a fact

MGSV and The Division won and KZSF was has most impressive visuals with a FC3 fun gameplay!
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starchild  +   425d ago
KZSF doesn't have close to the best visuals. Battlefield 4, The Division, Watch Dogs, MGSV, and several other games all had better graphics than KZSF.
HiddenMission  +   425d ago
I would say FFXV and KH3 had the best at least for me. Division and inFamous 2nd Son are also on my list.
ssj27  +   425d ago
whatever helps you to sleep my friend.. but the tech behind KZSF is far superior to any of those... lol Watch Dogs, really? thats how delusional you are.. I fell bad for you..
anyways they are all good games and gamers win! they all seem fun to play :)

true, there are only few games that look and felt next gen.. FFXV is one of them next to MGSV, The Division, KZSF, inFss.. that's about it.. the rest did not look next gen.. maybe current high end PC and their gameplay is possible in old gen consoles, nothing to special, visually or in term of gameplay.

I want to see what MGSV difference from their PS3 and PS4 version.. I don't believe in it lol

and BF4 is what BF3 was on PC years ago.. nothing next gen about it, more like WIIU quality.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   425d ago
I have to agree i dont really care for shooters that much lately but The Division made me really want to play it with friends.
younglj01  +   425d ago
The Division
koolaid251  +   425d ago
If Titanfall was a ps4 exclusive everybody would be raving about how great it is.
specialguest  +   425d ago
That's pretty much how it works around here.
No_Limit  +   425d ago
So true, I bet you if somehow a remake of Superman 64 HD gets ported to PS4 as an exclusive, everybody on N4G would be raving about how great it is. LMFAO
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ssj27  +   425d ago
i don't see no one hating it..
I will not get a xboxone and I say it looks fun, it remind me of KZ3 and is one of the best and fun games to play.

most people are just saying they will get it once it comes out in the PS4.

so stop saying lies.
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ape007  +   425d ago
nah you know it's true
ssj27  +   425d ago
you want to believe is true to make you feel happy for not been in the PlayS.. go ahead.. whatever makes you smile and happy :)

once GG show KILLZONE ShadowFall MP gameplay it will make everything else irrelative..

plus PS4 users have amazing f2p fps already for free from day one..
Mainsqueeze  +   424d ago
Wtf is so amazing about KZ to you?! last time i checked besides graphics KZ was one of the most standard fps out there. And why are people forgetting about the whitcher 3 that game looks amazing.
kydrice  +   425d ago
Really? Don't get me wrong, I loved what I saw but Titanfall looks like it'd get pretty generic after awhile. I'm much more excited for The Division.
zeddy  +   425d ago
looks great and it doesnt look generic at all, looks refreshing and fun! i'll wait till its on ps4 though.
ape007  +   425d ago
game looks extremely fun and that is what gaming is all about
horndog  +   425d ago
Too bad its not a launch title or I would have ordered this instead of cod.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   425d ago
Titanfalls kicks ass looks very fun. Shooter games fanatics will welcome this game to their library.
Letros  +   425d ago
Well deserved, it looks really fun.
Supermax  +   425d ago
Next big thing
Belking  +   425d ago
Loved the way Titan fall gameplay looked. One of the best games at E-3 and a xbox-one console exclusive.
Wni0  +   425d ago
well, you do shoot things i guess.
Jagsrock  +   425d ago
seriously out of allllll the amazing games shown at e3?? Really?? no seriously someone explain to me what is so special about this game?
deadfrag  +   425d ago
I hope this game dont use COD kids type Auto aiming!Please scratch Auto LOCK AIMING OF THIS GAME!
BattleTorn  +   425d ago
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DarthBigE  +   425d ago
Wasnt there an article her one n4g about Titanfall was only Xbox one and PC b/c they are the ones that will be constantly connected online? MS changed their all ways online requirements...so will this change the game? If so then i think that excuse was just bull
Xristo  +   425d ago
IGN? Surprised it wasn't COD:Ghosts. Seriously though, The Division (damn do I want this on PC) and The Witcher 3 impressed me the most. Opinions, opinions.
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