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The Last of Us Multiplayer: Should you be playing it?

The short answer? YES YES YES. (PS3)

trouble_bubble  +   803d ago
I wish it had at least one mode with infected. Doing the 12 week Firefly and Hunter Journeys online is such a yuck grind, especially without host migration. The 100% clan threats are accidents waiting to happen.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   803d ago
Aren't they adding a dlc for multiplayer? what is that?
ArchangelMike  +   802d ago
ND know that everyone want an infected horde mode, this has been requested even pre-release. Don't worry, they'll add it, and more probably.

I actually like the 12 week survivor meta-game. It's not a grind at all because you don't have to get into it, or even pay attention to it if you dont want to.

But yeah, only having two game modes needs to change quickly, as it'll very quickly get stale.
vishmarx  +   802d ago
my only complaint is if a match gets dropped due to bad connection from either side
theres a chance i loose all my survivor
im saying coz it happedned to me in week 10.
Speed-Racer  +   803d ago
Man I need to get this asap!
KillrateOmega  +   803d ago
It really is a beautiful game. Right off the bat you can tell that they put A LOT of time and effort into it.

So, yes, you should definitely start playing it if you haven't already.
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Omar91  +   803d ago
Online is a lot of fun, however I personally do not like the attacks from the fireflies and doing the missions. They just make my playtime frustrating because I'm more worried about getting revives then being tactical with my team. That's just my opinion of course.
Dunpeal  +   803d ago
yeah, i get that they were trying to mix things up and add a story element as a sort of incentive, but if you're not the greatest at FPS these missions can be real downers
FriedGoat  +   802d ago
what about TPS?
TukkerIntensity  +   802d ago
...your aren't obligated to do them.
cheameup  +   803d ago
I like the online allot but its just too long between rounds. They need to speed it up.
MestreRothN4G  +   803d ago
They had the same problem with Uncharted.

I guess the game is loading on that looong wait.

Overall, very good MP. It really fits the "simplicity" of the game itself.
guitarded77  +   802d ago
Yeah, Naught Dog is amazing at almost everything, except making online quick. The wait between rounds, and the wait to get in a game can be slow for both Uncharted and TLoU. Sucks because they both have great MP. The reason so many people play CoD, is because of the instant gratification. Jump in easily, hardly any wait between rounds or respawn. In no way do I want to see Naughty Dog change to be more like CoD, but the accessibility could be improved for their online.
Rask  +   803d ago
Well, i really want to play it, but a damn error message don't let me...
r21  +   803d ago
Its not for people who want to go all out Rambo style, thats for sure. The game is a bit overwhelming at first, what with all the crafting, sneaking and tenseness to it. Once you get over all that, its very addicting :D
Fil101  +   802d ago
your spot on with what you said, I brought it day 1 and love the mp side. I told my buddy to get it as I think he would love it because he's a kinda slow calculating player as am I, he loves it.
The_Infected  +   803d ago
The only flaw in the game is you can see through walls. I just think that should've been left out to make the experience more tense. I also hate that it can be used in multiplayer also.
Dunpeal  +   803d ago
it's taken out of survival mode, if you want a more tense experience. in my experience it doesn't take away from MP. if ppl stay still you can't see them and you're usually running around trying to gather craft items yourself anyway. plus, there is a limit to how much you can use it. it's not like you can just sit there and listen the whole time
MestreRothN4G  +   803d ago
Exactly. Listen mode doesn't seem like a problem to me neither on MP, because it is very limited and there are a lot of counters (standing still and that perk), or on SP, where there is a mode with it completely disabled.

Seemed a bad idea before playing it, but it feels very ok.
supersonicjerry  +   803d ago
it's not taken out in survival mode and if you don't want to be seen either don't move like you said or use convert training 2
hardcorehippiez  +   802d ago
hell no its that that forces people to go slow around the maps and play how its meant to be played. if you run around the map it allows for others to see you and plan their attack easily.sometime you need to get away fast but generally you need to be advancing slowly . great game and so tense. the only other game to give you this feeling online is socom. i would love to see naughty dog do a socom game now sony. make it happen.
Kingthrash360  +   803d ago
just beat it today.....world explodes at the end.

lol jk but its told better than any movie ive seen this year....great all the way through...every fight feels like you will die so when you survive its very rewarding.
MP I got my ass handed to me....not 1 kill
yanikins111  +   803d ago
They need to fix the constant dropping out. It's insane.

Other than that, good, and very rewarding MP.
monkey602  +   802d ago
If you drop out you lose the food for that day and all your survivors go hungry. If your clan dies you start from week one again. I don't see too many drop outs
TukkerIntensity  +   802d ago
agreed I'm level 14 and I think I can count on 1 hand how many times a teammates have dropped (you don't level up quickly in this game so level 14 is a significant amount of time played)
yanikins111  +   802d ago
I'm level 2, have dropped out probably 70-80% of my matches. It's really making it unplayable. No problem with any other games on my PS3. Quite a few people seem to be having the same problem if you check ND's forums.

Dont get me wrong, I freaking LOVE the game. I just wish what ever this problem was, they'd sort it out.
ashade  +   802d ago
yeah, it's fun, but i wish if they can make some co-op map like they did in uncharted then it'll be perfect
belac09  +   802d ago
i love the MP, i never have any drop out issues.
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cyclindk  +   802d ago
Needs infected mode

Matches basically two groups slowly make their way toward each other then theres a shoot out and its over... All because people can see through freaking walls and stop flankers before they have a chance. Dumb.

At least through some random onfected in there to mix things up, hostile to both teams.
creatchee  +   802d ago
It's tactical, not dumb. It's way better than some guy camping like a punk to get a few kills, then call in a helicopter, an AC-130, and then a nuclear bomb to end a game. Just saying.
r40k213  +   802d ago
I tried one match of the multiplayer and it was alright. I don't play PS3 for the multiplayer, if I want tactical I play ARMA. It's pretty much "one guy camping (with a pair of binoculars) like a punk, then calls in a helicopter and an A-10 to end the game." Close to what you described except I'm flying that A-10 and that makes the difference :)
assdan  +   802d ago
If this guy said no, I would have lost some faith in humanity.
Kriandis  +   802d ago
I for one am not liking it.
Here is my beef. Why does every f*&king multiplayer game have to have upgrades or buffs?? Why? And not even perma upgrades, but upgrades that last through JUST THAT GAME!
The crafting I get, but why does every multi player game have to have this crap. I HATE IT WITH A PASSION!
I jump into my first game of the day. I get grouped with 2 others that are ALSO on their first game of the day, and one that is on their 2nd, and we get raped because the other team has 2 sniper's that have obviously played 4 to 5 games in because they have upgraded weapons and armor from the get go. And 2 other people that are upgraded to the gills...I assume they are friends grouped up.
How is this seen as feasible? Why should it even be seen as acceptable?
It is extremely frustrating and not enjoyable at all.
Why cant games just put every one on an even playing field and let us go at it anymore????
The multiplayer is ok, but it will never be amazing because of this concept.
The crazy thing is though, is that IT COULD BE!
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Fil101  +   802d ago
You make it sound like you should be allowed to go online with it and own everyone from the go. truth is this game involves a certain amount of skill, caution and patience which I don't think you have.
Kriandis  +   802d ago
I love the stealth aspect of it. What I hate is every freaking shooter now has and upgrade system, or a level system.
Is it a shooter per say? NO
That is also the point I am trying to make, why have a weapon upgrade system in a game that is about getting the drop on someone.
Lets put it this way, Since everyone is comparing it to Socom 2. I dont know why they are, I guess because it is in third person as well, but did Socom 2 have an upgrade system? NO
Was it still fun? HELL YES!
The point I was trying to make is why does every game think that it needs an upgrade system or a leveling system for weapons?
I can see unlocking things like the masks, one use boosts, helmets...etc I also like the crafting system.
But when you get dropped in your first game and you get shot my a multi shot sniper rifle it pisses you off a bit.
Just put us in the game and let us play
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melosense  +   802d ago
Gameplay mechanics wonrerfully fitted for MP!! Absolutely another experience then any other MP. A LOT of fun and tension!
TukkerIntensity  +   802d ago
a couple of minor problems (most notably how long it takes to get into an actual game....like we don't need 30 seconds to pick a map and if the majority pick one map then launch....don't finish the long countdown before the long load).

The triangle button to execute and to revive can be annoying when you happen upon a downed enemy and a downed teammate and you are trying desperately to revive your teamie but end up going into the execute animation.

The square to melee is annoying also when you are near a downed enemy and another enemy runs up on you and you press square and start punching/kicking the guy that is on the ground and completely useless instead of the guy that is rushing you.

But overall it's a blast especially on a team of 4 that are working well together.
MilkMan  +   802d ago
No. not interested in this at all. Never when I bought this game did I think "yeah I wanna play MP in this universe".
Thank God the game is solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

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