Microsoft Clarify Family Sharing, Wasn't Only Demos

In the wake of the PasteBin “reveal,” several Microsoft employees have taken to Twitter to clarify that it was exactly what they said it was, and that there’s actually still a chance it may return for digital titles…

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mushroomwig1857d ago

Does it really matter now?

matgrowcott1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

While people are still spreading nonsense as if it justifies their intense hate of a brand?

Sure it matters, if only to those who will now have to buy multiple copies for multiple consoles within their home.

EDIT: And that's Microsoft's fault for caving/not finding a way around it, but the spreading of rumours isn't helping

President1857d ago

Microsoft clarifies? Uh no, their PR loves to spin, they're untrustworthy.

matgrowcott1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )


You're right. If only everybody had the long-standing credibility that the guy who wrote that anonymous PasteBin post has, the world would be a much better, fairer place.

JokesOnYou1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Well then bring it back!

 "several Microsoft employees have taken to Twitter to clarify that it was exactly what they said it was, and that there’s actually still a chance it may return for digital titles…"

-Hell yeah, I'm going all digital if they do that. I told you guys lets keep fighting for this.

valet_Smerdyakov1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

"Sure it matters, if only to those who will now have to buy multiple copies for multiple consoles within their home. "

I don't believe for a second MS would allow those 10 "family" people you shared the game with to play it at the same time so in your specific example it doesn't make any difference whether digital or disk.

edit: @matgrowcott: two friends at the same time already seems believable.

No_Limit1857d ago

I am getting my first wave of titles on Xbox1 digital first just in case the family plan returns.

4Sh0w1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

No_Limit yeah me too, but hopefully they can allow those going digital to signup for the family share plan at launch, full drm and all Id definitely take it, its just to good of a deal for me personally.

Bigpappy1857d ago

Sounds like they are working on away to support the Disk lovers and still afford the features needed to satisfy those of us who need a digital future that let use have some control over it. Hope they think it through properly this time and explain the benefits clearly.

Parapraxis1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

@matgrowcott you said:
"You're right. If only everybody had the long-standing credibility that the guy who wrote that anonymous PasteBin post has, the world would be a much better, fairer place"

So we should just believe everything MS PR says?
How odd that a few days ago Angry Joe was told by Major Nelson that he couldn't "just flip a switch" to remove the DRM as it was built into the system, and then a day later that supposedly impossible to flip switch was FLIPPED.

Yup, don't believe everything you read on the internet and take everything with a grain of salt ESPECIALLY applies to Microsoft right now.

And @Bigpappy, can you just give it up??
seriously "Disk lovers"???? Are you honestly trying to make a slanderous nickname for people who like physical copies of games?
What a joke!

matgrowcott1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )


"So we should just believe everything MS PR says?"

No, of course not. But when a company has announced a feature, described it repeatedly in both interviews and in official documents, removed the feature and then clarified that it was exactly what they were saying it was, you should probably believe them. You'd have to be sceptical to the point of paranoia to believe they'd go to all this effort for a feature that wasn't what they were saying it was.

And then to just believe an anonymous source over a company that has repeatedly said, before they had any reason to combat negative PR, "hey, this is a pretty neat feature" is beyond ridiculous.

"just flip a switch"

Do you think that's what has happened? Do you think Microsoft have gotten back from E3 and gone "ok, we need to turn off DRM," and just unchecked a check box?

Or do you think it's more likely that they're having to completely rewrite huge chunks of the OS, at great expense? Do you think it's more likely that they're having to pay overtime to not only their own developers, but to third party developers who had utilized features that are no longer there? Do you think it's more likely that they're having to risk missing release because of this?

Because I personally don't think it's possible for them to redo everything in five months, and I can't imagine Major Nelson would have done either. Hardly flipping a switch. We'll see.

Grown Folks Talk1857d ago

Only one person could play at a time Valet. Family share is exactly the same as we have now w/o the limitation of the sharing being local.

Hayabusa 1171857d ago

@ matgrowcott

Holy crap, presumptuous much? Where do gamers get this idea that it'll take 6 months to disable sharing? Seriosouly...sure, the time they've spent writing the authentication code will be lost, but I don't see how disabling it will cause an army of coders to loose sleep for 6 months.

At any rate, Microsoft have done the math and decided that whatever it will cost them to remove the authentication code will be worth it.

There are better arguments you can make for DRM.

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NameRemoved00171857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

It matters because they will bring it back later in an update and force all the xboners to use it or to permanently disconnect their xbox one from the internet to avoid it.

Bigpappy1857d ago

Your crystal ball could use a cleaning.

HammadTheBeast1857d ago

I still don't buy it. Why would you add DRM and things to restrict consumers, then randomly give them 9 free copies of the game?

4Sh0w1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Hammad You are overlooking the fact that a disc based game can be shared just as much or more.

Although alot less convenient the potential threat for 10, 20, 30 people to share a game, including multiplayer has always existed for devs and publishers under traditional disc based model, at least here its controlled with the worst case scenario being 10. And if they like the game waiting for others to play might encourage them to buy, if that isn't enough im sure under this system they restrict the multiplayer so that could be another incentive to sway some of the 10 to actually buy the game vs disc based model where you have total access to the game and it can be shared over and over again.

NameRemoved00171857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )


It was one person at a time and I'm sure there was restrictions like they had to be on the same internet or some crap.

rainslacker1857d ago


Realistically, do you believe that that many people share their games with that many people. I'd imagine most people only have 1 or 2 people they'd be willing to share their games with. Hell I have 2 people I'd trust with my games, and I still don't lend out games.

Now look at the other side. People know it's a feature. There's no downside to sharing the games with 10 friends. People do it because it's there. People end up using the feature more than they would share a retail game. On top of that, it's not even contained to local sharing, but nationwide sharing. People who play the shared version of the game play all the way through, complete it, then don't buy the game because they've already completed it.

All that multiplied by ten, in theory with games that would forever remain on the person's system. Eventually, between 10 friends, they could have 20 games purchased between all of them, all of them play it, resulting in 200 instances of the games being played. That's a potential loss of 180 copies sold. I doubt most people are going to go buy those 20 games they complete.

Their DRM restrictions and the family sharing just don't match up. The replacement for 2nd hand had the potential to be much worse for the publisher than 2nd hand ever was.

There was more to this family sharing than MS let everyone know, and while I really want to take what they say at face value, they haven't really won my trust given the past month of PR spin.

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tuglu_pati1857d ago

I dont know whit it would matter.

NegativeCreepWA1857d ago

Once they get things sorted out, they could use it in the future for digitally downloaded games.

Philoctetes1857d ago

No, but let's be honest. Did anybody here REALLY believe that multiple people were going to be allowed to play the same copy of the same game at the same time? That should have been firmly in the "too good to be true" category.

If Microsoft really wants people to be able to share games this way, they could put this magical policy back in place tomorrow, at least for people who buy the game digitally. This doesn't depend on DRM -- you just need digital delivery. Does Microsoft really want to push people toward digital? Well, this would certainly do it.

The fact that they "cancelled" this thing at the same time that the cancelled their unrelated DRM policies tells you everything you need to know.

2cents1857d ago

Hopefully they will be able to implement the shown features with the digital content only, not disc based games as they can now be lent to friends. Now that digital content liscences can't be sold or traded in, then surely the family share can be implemented.

Patience is a virtue, none so more as on this occasion. Let them figure it out, there are many teams to address, many suits to navigate, they have 5 months to 'get it right' out of the gates, this November.

Let's see what they decide, at least the main concern has been addressed.
In regards to the kinect, as a notorious person once said... #DEALWITHIT. They will never drop kinect this far in their strategy. If its really that big of a problem to individuals then there really is no point in getting this console, and also stop following it's every move and continually sullying it's name, as the people here who want one are getting exhausted of the constant hate from every conceivable angle.

I can imagine the number of people who will disagree with my statement, there is no doubt about that. Although I'm pretty sure everyone on this site who is buying an Xbox one will agree with me, let's see how many...

Aceman181857d ago

can someone explain to me where they clarified family sharing in 100% true detail.

NextGen24Gamer1857d ago

Great. I hope they implement family share for digital games. I'm no longer buy from GameStop . All digital day one downloads for me.

4Sh0w1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Yeah it seems microsoft cant please everybody, but they are listening, imagine if they are flexible enough to have both, that would be amazing and the #s would clearly show which strategy is more important to the mass consumers.

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sashimi1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Well at this stage...can't just they say anything they want? they need all the good press they can get.

Software_Lover1857d ago

I might go digital if the prices are right. I'm not going all digital on a console if the price is still 59.99. Being able to buy the disc at 59.99 and have the digital benefits was a plus in that regard, but all digital same price has no advantage IMHO.

NYC_Gamer1857d ago

The games will be 60 bucks since console brands depend on stores to sell their hardware

NegativeCreepWA1857d ago

If they can offer pre-purchases too be able to pre-download games like Steam, I may start buying digital games.

Having a game just waiting to be played at launch would be very convenient.

Software_Lover1857d ago

This is true also. I like that feature, even though I have only used it once lol. I'm cheap and usually wait for the sales.

ElementX1857d ago

Both PS4 and Xbox One will allow you to play games as their being downloaded.

NegativeCreepWA1857d ago

I spaced off that feature for some reason, though I am a bit skeptical on how well it'll work on the release day of a AAA game.

I think people should be expecting a lot server crashes with these new features both consoles will have.

Ilovetheps41857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

It doesn't really matter anymore. It's gone, so we will never know who is telling the truth.

Sarobi1857d ago

Well that clears things up, but does it really matter?. I mean explaining this is just dragging on the fact that this feature is gone, something of which only makes those who wanted it more upset.

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