Xbox One Headset Revealed

Looks familiar, no?

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GentlemenRUs1920d ago

Looks ok I guess...

But will it be comfy?

omi25p1920d ago

Well the 360 version of this is great.

ABizzel11920d ago

They're horrible, the audio is bad, the speaker goes out, or the port eventually dies.

However, it was still brilliant to have one included with every console. That simple gesture is now a requirement going forward (or a build in mic on the controller).

SITH1920d ago

I agree with both of you (omni25p & Abizzel1), it was a good headset, yet turned to crap over time. I went through three throughout my years of gaming on 36o. It was so light I would forget I had it on.

zeee1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Would it be possible to use a bluetooth headset with Xbox One? Like, would I be able to pair my Playstation Wireless stereo headset with PS4 and Xbox One?

One more thing. Will Xbox One come with a headset like PS4? Too lazy to search on Google :D

ABizzel11920d ago


I don't think so, because if that was the case the current Turtle Beach headsets would work with the X1 since the PS3 uses Bluetooth to run them currently, so there would be no need to buy new ones.

tigertom531920d ago

Microsoft doesn't use Bluetooth it uses a new wifi direct connection for the controller for better audio and quicker recompose. ps3 uses a slow Bluetooth 2.1 which reduces the audio quality because bandwidth is under 3mbps vs 360 wifi direct 250 mbps...

NumOnePS3FanBoy1920d ago

hated the 360 version. Went through three or four of em. This one looks like it might be a little bit more sturdy and a bit more durable

CoolBeansRus1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Sorry about the disagrees. Dont worry ill give you a bubble because i too like the headset.

People around here dont want anything positive being said towards the One or 360. Sony fanboys were bad before, they are impulsive/repulsive now.

Gaming_Guru1919d ago

With the XBOX 360, the black ops headsets would have a buzzing sound that the USB connect didn't have. I'm more interested if now both the PS4 and XBOX ONE will have the same buzzing sound when plugged in.

SniperControl1919d ago

What the has this gotta do with Sony fanboys?
If anything your comment is bordering on fanboyisum lol

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Mounce1920d ago

It looks like it only costs them $0.50 to make these things....

FamilyGuy1920d ago

Because of the X1 being bundled with Kinect 2.0 this headset will not be included in the box. I can't stand the customer service agent look, always thought people on 360 headsets looked dorky and this one is following that trend.

Prefer my blu-tooth mic, crappy audio quality > looking like a dork I guess :/

TXIDarkAvenger1920d ago

Better than PS4's headset...I don't know why they didn't include a bluetooth headset since they are cheap.

The 360 version of this lasts for a while but obviously its not top notch quality or anything. I've had about 3 or 4 of them in the past 5 years.

sway_z1919d ago

I disagree...Xbox One headset looks like a Customer Services Agent...maybe they want you to get used to calling them...?

PS4 headset is cheap and functional as the mic is in the pad as well.

Big deal about bloody headsets....

DoctorXpro1919d ago

Had my wireless one for 5 years and still going.

stage881919d ago

Problem is it isn't bundle with the xbone which means voice communication will be mostly through kinect. I can just imagine how bad that will be with echoes and tv noise and not being able to hear your teammates over in game music.

I think the community won't be as vocal.

Donnieboi1919d ago

PS4 will also have a mic in the box. Just saying.

Jaces1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

360 headset was the crappiest headset I've ever used. This one doesn't look any better, unfortunately. Really couldn't expect much when they were included in all console purchases.

Better off buying a Triton or TB for both consoles imo.

RedHawkX1919d ago

does this come with the xbox one if not its dumb and useless im not gonna spend 499 for a console 60 dollars for live and then 60 for this headset.

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Starbucks_Fan1920d ago

It's pretty sad that they won't include this, nor include compatibility with 360 headsets.

Hufandpuf1919d ago

The Kinect is a mic in itself.

stage881919d ago

Think about the echoes, background noise, distortion of TV sounds.

Every lobby is going to sound like white noise.

MysticStrummer1919d ago

@stage88 - If all that background noise isn't bad enough, you've got those special people who think their music should be everyone's soundtrack.

I hate humans sometimes.

Hufandpuf1919d ago

I just stated a fact and I get disagreed. I didnt say kinect mics wouldnt have problems. FFS n4g!

My_Outer_Heaven1920d ago

PS4's mono headset looks better... what can I say I personally think Japan make better stuff.

M-M1920d ago

It looks good, but I really wish it was over the hear headphones. Earbuds tend to fall out of my ear sadly :/. I'm glad that I can use my Turtle Beaches with the PS4 controller though =D.

My_Outer_Heaven1920d ago

I've got a 7.1 Asus ROG Vulcan headset. I love it!

RedHawkX1919d ago

yeah with the ps4 you can use any headset even ones you already own. the xbox one is only compatible with new headphones you buy specifically for xbox one. xbox live community is gonna suck now. everyone is gonna be on the ps4 this new gen.

UNGR1919d ago

Ear bud headsets are garbage, they hardly work, have crappy sound, and the audio pickup on the microphone is horrid. They skimmed on the headset so they could focus on the console, and still make sure everyone has a microphone. Doesn't change the fact that ear bud headsets suck, the 360, and X1 are no different, but still they're bad. I'd advise everyone to get a set of Turtle Beaches at the least, Astro's if you can afford them.

MysticStrummer1919d ago

I had two ear bud headsets with my PS3, the one that came with Warhawk and the official Sony one. The Warhawk one did suck, but the official Sony one was great all around.

I only use it for communication though. All other sound is through my home theater system.