Music Composer Ludvig Forssell talks about Metal Gear Solid V

Some new information about the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in general, and its new main theme in particular were revealed in an interview with Ludvig Forssell, music composer for the game.

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Donnieboi1731d ago

The Donna Burke song was epic! It captured that 80's feel erfectly. When I first heard it, I actually thought it was an old 80's song that actually existed in that timeline. Perfect for MGS V's 1984 setting.

Donnieboi1731d ago

I meant *Perfectly. Damn cheap keyboard lol


Almost whole Konami stuff are my friends even Donna Burke :D, very proud

LoaMcLoa1731d ago

I've tried to find that song for quite some time now since the trailer released. Anyone know if it has been released somewhere, iTunes or something?

Nyxus1731d ago

I don't think it's been released yet. What we've heard so far was a version adjusted for the trailer, not the whole song.

Summons751731d ago

That's not necessarily true Nyxus. "Not your kind of people" was the entire song for the last trailer so this could be as well. While I don't know if its released or not I actually wanted to download it too except I keep forgetting every time I'm at my computer.

It really does capture the nature of the game though and the song title "sins of the father" could go along with one of the themes of the game. This could possibly top mgs 3 as beat game at this rate, big boss goes through so much more crap than naked did but naked had to put everything bb started right. Can't wait.

ZombieKiller1731d ago

I have a downloader on my phone that finds practically everything. I found "Not your kind d of people" by Garbage. The song "Sins of the Father" I can't find anywhere. I don't think its released yet. I like the song and have to has a good Metal Gear feel not to mention an 80s secret agent feel as well. As I've said many times before....LONG LIVE METAL GEAR.

ANIALATOR1361731d ago

it sounded like a present day song to me, with that autotune bit at the end

Donnieboi1730d ago

Auto-tune started in the early 80's. It's not new, it's just made a comeback.

j-blaze1731d ago

here hoping Norihiko Hibino is composing for this game too, love his music and i think it would perfectly fit MGS5

juaburg1731d ago

What about Harry Gregson Williams???

ZombieKiller1730d ago

How do I even have disagrees on that one?! Everything I said was practically a statement except long live Metal Gear. Care to bring an argument to the table here or is this site just filled with opinionated trolls?!

I don't care about the disagree, but WHY? State your argument!