State of Decay Review: Grand Theft Zombie - Pixel Related

State of Decay presents a type of game that honestly has rarely been tackled before, at least not in this particular way. It’s an open world, zombie survival game. Much of the elements of the game are pulled directly from titles like Grand Theft Auto or Day Z, but State of Decay brings plenty of its own ideas to the table. It’s a shame, then, that the game fails in so many of the basic areas when it has such fresh and unique ideas for an open-world zombie game.

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SniperControl1880d ago

What is it with zombies at the moment?!?

SlapHappyJesus1880d ago

That moment has been going on for half a decade now. Seemingly only getting stronger.
Personally, I am more than welcoming of it. Then again, I was one of the group that never tired of WWII shooters either.

Hufandpuf1879d ago

Zombies are popular. Or would you rather be playing twilght vampire games.

SniperControl1879d ago

Lol, nothing against zombies, just they are everywhere at the moment.
Saying that i might be zombied out from playing The Last of Us for the past week.

ltachiUchiha1879d ago

The gameplay & world in state of decay looks better then dead rising 3. Great game for an xbl & steam title.