Activision: Destiny “One of the Biggest Investments in New IP in Industry”, Won’t Conflict with COD

Activision is most definitely investing a lot of effort and money in supporting Bungie and its quest to revolutionize the shooter genre with Destiny. The company also believes that the new IP won't cut into Call of Duty.

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cervantes991709d ago

Day freaking one for this game!

miyamoto1709d ago

Activision literally has CoD and a new "Halo"
That is freaking monstrosity!

webeblazing1709d ago

im getting this for ps3. and they need to take there winnings and scrap CoD and do something new like they made enuff money the two studios deserve to try to make something they truly want

NameRemoved00171709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Will it have crossplatform? I know Sony has done cross platform before with PC (If it even comes out for PC) on a few games but Microsoft doesn't let devs do it with PC or PS3.

Supermax1709d ago

destiny is 360 ps3 xbox one ps4 not pc at this time.lookinig forward to cod and destiny by activision and titanfall and bf4 by ea

USMC_POLICE1709d ago

I hope it gets bigger than cod but Activision don't kill it

LiarasBoobs1709d ago

I really hope Destiny comes out on PC.