Beyond: Two Souls Pre-Order Just $34.99 at the Sony Store in the United States

Well, this is a very surprising sale that no one was expecting. The Sony Store (only in the United States) is currently listing a pre-order of Beyond: Two Souls for just $34.99, $25 off the regular price. - PSLS

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Relientk771767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Omg that's like frickin' half off, almost

Must have this game

TrendyGamers1767d ago

Yeah, this is a crazy deal. Wish I lived in the States.

xHeavYx1767d ago

Amazing deal, I wish I knew if the game comes with the Steelbook cover

FamilyGuy1767d ago

PS3 games are region free you know?
Maybe you could have a friend order it for you and send it to you after arrival?

With overseas shipping cost it'll probably still come out cheaper than retail.

da_2pacalypse1767d ago

Someone want to do a Canadian a favor and send one up? :(

BlindGuardian1767d ago

well, it didn't do very well at E3, let's hope it's as good as Heavy Rain

Donnieboi1767d ago

Son of a woman! This is a crazy deal!!

cloud4951767d ago

Hmm maybe the game might be $40 like sly 4 and puppeteer.

FamilyGuy1767d ago

Those are smaller games and listed at $40 everywhere, this game is $60 everywhere else. William Defoe and Ellen Page don't come cheap you know?

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The story is too old to be commented.