GTAGaming GTA IV Giveaway: Win GTA IV S.E. and GTA merchandise

GTAGaming proudly presents the Grand Theft Auto IV Giveaway, giving back to the community for a chance to win the Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition, standard edition, and other Grand Theft Auto merchandise!


1. Register for an account at the forums
2. Enter your forum username and password in the submission form above.
3. Wait until April 15, 2008 for the drawings and see if you've won!


* Grand Prize: Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition for the console of your choice!
* Second Place Prize: GTA IV regular edition, one GTA IV sticker with a black background and one with a white background
* 3rd (GTA IV): One black background one white background sticker, Pi§wasser beer glass, Chihuahua Hotdogs t-Shirt, and three exclusive press CDs
* 4th (San Andreas): One window decal, black t-shirt, unopened copy of PS2 version, poker chips, and white dice
* 5th (San Andreas): One window decal, black hat, lockpick, and gold bicycle caps
* 6th (Vice City): White hat, white polo shirt, blue palm t-shirt, Vol 2 soundtrack (Wave 103), and ten buttons
* 7th (Vice City): Black t-shirt, small white sticker, skin disc, and five buttons
* 8th (GTA III): Dormatron, R* Freedom, Love Media, GTA III, and Yellow R* stickers

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