Sonic The Hedgehog turns 23, Android and iOS games on sale for $1

Wow. Has it been that long already? Time flies when you are collecting golden rings. Sonic The Hedgehog is celebrating his 23rd birthday and to celebrate, SEGA has decided to give us the gift of discounted games. That’s an awesome gift.

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horndog1880d ago

Nope!! I dont want more angry bird crap mixed with graphics from the sega genesis era. I think this is nothing more then a pipe dream for apple.

Wagz221880d ago

Yea what does what you said have to do with a sale on sonic games?

SegaGamer1879d ago

What the hell are you talking about ?

GdaTyler1880d ago

Happy 23rd Birthday Sonic!

EvilFluff911879d ago

Sonic the hedgehog isn't 23 years old it's 22 years old it was released in 1991 smh.

SegaGamer1879d ago

They can't even count properly.