Realistic CGI Girl

GameTrailers: "Maybe the generation of graphic will be like this?"

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spandexxking3617d ago

OMG! what the hell is that thing? i thought cgi could make the girl of our dreams, not some ugly chick that looks like shes been given two fat lips.

Drekken3617d ago

someone should tell her Mr. Ed wants his teeth back!

Timesplitter143617d ago

Those teeth made me uncomfortable for some reason

callahan093617d ago

The point is that it's realistic looking. Perfection is not realistic. Those girls you see in magazines don't exist. It's photoshop. Real people like this girl. I was impressed by the quality of the CGI. It'll be cool when games look this good in real-time.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23617d ago

Colgate Total Plus Whitening Toothpaste!!!;-D

Kami3617d ago

friken horse teeth. lol

RecSpec3616d ago

Ever seen the polar express? More realistic sometimes translates into more creepy.

iAmPS33616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

That's what the "Uncanny Valley" hypothesis is all about.

Nostradamus3616d ago

I remember that from Psychology. One of the few things I do remember about it.

Play B3yond3616d ago

A game with graphics so good that its no different from seeing stuff in real life would just be kinda freaky

Kakkoii3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

callahan09: It's not about having her look like the girls in magazines.

Yes we want her to look realistic. But she doesn't. People were making fun of this CG for the fact that she looks like something out of a cartoon, not real life. Her lips are huge and so are her teeth compared to her head. Were not asking for PERFECTION, were just asking for NORMAL.

And btw, The models you see in magazines aren't always touched up as much as you think they are. And this CG is just a face. A face is a face no matter how you spin it. Girl's faces in magazines look just like girls faces in real life. Except that the ones in the magazine have more make-up added on virtually. lol.

callahan093616d ago

@ Kakkoii:

Actually, she looks practically identical to a girl I know in real life. Whether or not she looks like someone you know is unimportant to me, but you're confusing realistic with common. The girl doesn't look like a common person, that's for sure, but her features can and do exist on real people, and the CGI looks pretty real, more so than most I've seen.

Kakkoii3616d ago

I didn't say the CG didn't look real. It definitely does.

I was just posting towards your claim that people are holding her up to the standards of what people see in magazines (even tho barely any guys really read magazines anyways).

People weren't wanting her to be perfect. They just wanted her to look like normal pretty girls you see around. It looks like they tried to make a pretty girl, but messed up with the mouth. It's not very often you see a women like that in real life. So it's not very attractive to most people.

callahan093616d ago

Fair enough. But I still think it is a very realistic CGI.

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Virtuozius3617d ago

She's really beautiful! And realistic (in my modest opinion:))!

Bill Gates3617d ago

I take it you were a big fan of Mr. Ed ^^^

I wonder if this is MS's answer to Heavy Rain..ahahaha

Virtuozius3617d ago

Man, no need to spoil good video the unintelligible report.
What kind of story do you need?
There is video – there is a story ABOUT THIS VIDEO!
Prove that it is a fake, then do report!

Your report:

"Report History
Fake: (11 minutes ago)
How do we know this is even real and not manipulated footage? Is there a story with this vid?
Reported by: kapedkrusader"

kapedkrusader3617d ago

You just put a vid up and claim that it's "ALL" CGI without any article or references attached. For all we know it could be the same type of CGI used in vampire movies where it's part the real actor and part CGI. Also, I think it's pretty immature to call me out like this just because I want legit news for this site and everyone that visits it. So here's back at ya VIRTUOZIUS.

Percy3616d ago

"For all we know it could be the same type of CGI used in vampire movies where it's part the real actor and part CGI" Thats still cgi and i would still want my games to look that good. Are you going to say that games with motion capture are not cgi because they are based on humans or that golom from lord of the rings is not all cgi because andy serkis does the facial animations.

kapedkrusader3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

I wish games looked as good as The Polar Express lets say. But I'm not saying the video is motion captured. What I'm talking about is something like The Santa Clause where they CGI certain frames by combining real footage superimposed by layers of CGI. This is exactly why I didn't want to approve this, for the lack of information that comes with it. To say that the video is completely CGI without any sources is just asinine. We shouldn't expect the readers to verify that stories are true, that burden falls on the journalist or the contributor in this case.

MaximusPrime3617d ago

i think all the characters in FF7:Avent Children are better than that ugly big teethy lady.

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