David Jaffe on Microsoft's Xbox One DRM reversal: ''What's not to love''

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe may be too busy to make one of his always-entertaining vlogs about E3 and the latest Microsoft Xbox One controversy, but that hasn't stopped him from posting a few 140-character tweets on the subject.

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DEEBO1857d ago

yeah he has a good point but lets be real if the x1 reserves numbers were good,they wouldn't have change anything.they can care less about the was about the x1 not selling like they thought it would.if they can sell 5 million x1's in the amazon with no wifi on release day to the natives,they would.greed caused 180 like it caused the DRM.

ichimaru1857d ago

I keep hearing the argument "greed caused the 180" Of Course it did, They Are A Company. I think gamers get so diluted with the illusion of customer loyalty, or this "company cares more about their fans than that company" that they forget a vital, vital fact; they "the good and bad guys" are only here to sell you something. If any of you are fortunate enough to take a few basic business courses you'd understand that actions used to foster a sense of customer loyalty is marketing tool, not a movement of sincerity.

ElementX1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Exactly. Any company claiming to love their customers and put their customers first is only doing it for PR and profit

DEEBO1857d ago

every company wants it product to sell.the hole point is to make money.but why lie all the time to sale it.all MS has been doing is lying to the public.truth hurts,sony said hey this is the ps4,here are the spec's and this is what it can do.i haven't seen article after article about them lying.

ichimaru1857d ago

Wait, what did they "Lie about". They changed policies, they didn't sneak the changes in, they announced it to the world.

HiddenMission1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Yes all companies are in it for a profit but if you think customer satisfaction is none existant when every product is designed then you are just being negative and paranoid.

Truth is many companies enjoy having a good connection to its customers becausebit helps to sell products...unhappy customers dont come back plain and simple.

In MSs case its been constant lies and smoke in mirrors since Kinect was 1st reveal. Burning its consumer base to the point that
costumers began to feel betrayed by MS. This in turn caused many to switch to PS4 simply out of spite and because Sony is a lot more honest and straight forward. Im not saying Sony doesnt lie they just lie less.

Do you see where Im going with this.

Edit: based of your responce comment

The lied when they faked appluase, did reputation management, used NVIDIA powered laptop for demos then tried to hide the evidence covered up by having the press delete the pics, bribed devs to be on stage and pertend multiplatform games were exclusive and last but not least still wont be honest about why we can turn the new kinect off but not unplug it...because they can remote power your console on and spy on you.

They even admitted that they could remote your x1 and give the footage/audio to the government without a warrent. Please research before posting...

greenlantern28141857d ago

I agree that all companies want your money. But ms clearly didn't have as much faith in the Xbox1 as they said they did even the day before the switch.

ichimaru1857d ago

I see. well there's no arguing there, those were plain lies.


You know companies aren't made of some AI programmed to get money, right? Of course they are in the business because there's money to be obtained, but that doesn't mean there aren't people working there that are passionate about their job and the industry.

Of course you shouldn't expect much of that on the decision making department , but that's what separates good and bad companies, it's not about caring for fans over money, it's about having a vision of the industry you are part of and realizing that you don't need to make every decision about money ALONE.

I'm not even talking about Sony or MS here anymore, but some companies just believe in the market they are in, invest a lot but also profit a lot as they make the whole industry grow, while others are so worried about short-term profitable strategies that are simply exploiting the market, doesn't matter what happens after they got their money. And obviously, nothing is perfect, don't expect a "good company" to make everything right and don't dismiss the efforts of a "bad company", cause they too may come out right every now and then.

indysurfn1856d ago

Am I the only person that caught this?

Microsoft qoute:'An internet connection will not be required to play OFFLINE Xbox One games'
If they where not trying to fool you it would
read:'An internet connection will not be required to play Xbox One games'. see the difference? I don't care if it drops to 199
It This is what Microsoft meant by they will make this CLEAR. (MORE TRICKY) This could just be a feature on the back of the box.

So if they dont make a offline
box like they have a 'online multi player' capable box on the back of the disc it is okay to still drm you to there hearts are content!!!

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GamersRulz1857d ago

Get a grip Jaffe, take a side and be clear. one day you support MS drm, then you still support scrapping it?.

seems like he is in bed with MS.

Cryptcuzz1857d ago

Yeah I agree, it is pretty confusing how some have came out to support the DRM, then later on also supports and commend that they are removing the DRM's.

It does make one wonder what is there to gain from doing so? All I can think of is attention.

HiddenMission1857d ago

Its why a lot of people in the industry are fake and follow the money and herd.

I love Kojima but he went from being pro Sony, on stage at MS E3 uncomfortably to revealling 1st a new Metal Gear at MS E3 and looked happy. Tones change when lots of money gets waived at you.

THamm1857d ago

Kojima said "might as well take the loot before the ship sinks" I would've done the same. As well as show his game First at E3. Most pubs would pay for that spot not get paid for it. He took advantage of an excellent opportunity

Cryptcuzz1856d ago


This article is about David Jaffe not Kojima so why comment about him only.

Kojima said "might as well take the loot before the ship sinks"

Kojima never said that so please don't put it into quotations as if it was a real quote. Learn how to use quotes first before using it randomly.

Funny how you would think that's how Kojima felt, considering I would think it would be quite the opposite.

If I remember correctly, it was the PS4 that had more momentum leading up to E3, as well as being heavily favored in any polls conducted with majority favoring the PS4.

Remember MS reveal of the Xbox One? They showed nothing but a bunch of cable related stuff you can do and that's it. After that and all the bad press it got out of it, if I was Kojima I would think the sinking ship would be MS not Sony Lmao.

ichimaru1857d ago

It's not about "supporting MS" or not. He isn't an internet fanboy. He agrees, or disagrees with their actions.
He disagreed with the DRM, condemning them, and agreed with them removing it( I'm Looking at you Simcity) grounds to praise their actions.

HiddenMission1857d ago

Over the past few years it seems that Jaffe is leanning more and more in line with making games for MS like Insomniac. If you remember they said before Overstrike that they love working with Sony but now where are the from 2nd part to 3rd party to making exclusives for MS...they all start looking at the money eventually even Jaffe.

On a side onte I met Ted Price and he is a very very fake person who is out for the cash thus the switch to exclusives for MS.

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FullmetalAlchemist1857d ago

It still irritates me that microsoft were going full force with drm and once they saw how consumers were retaliating against it, they finally dropped it. It's like they were just trying to see what they could get away with.

FullmetalAlchemist1857d ago

Yeah they're really making it hard for me to want to buy anything from them.

Sorry Microsoft but the only thing I like from you is Windows 7.

Hufandpuf1857d ago

you must use a Mac then.

Vames1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Trust sony, the company that secretly infected millions of computers with rootkits that phoned home with user information etc. This was an illegal DRM practice that caused a lot of class action lawsuit.

At least Microsoft comes out and tell us what it plans on doing so we have a choice on either taking a massive hardon or refuse. Sony secretly fucks you in the ass and you don't even know it.

testerg351857d ago

So they're bad since that wanted to implement DRM. Consumers complained and MS changed their policy.

When Sony does something its "listening to their consumers".

KwietStorm1857d ago

You conveniently left out the "something." It's pretty important what the something is, in context of listening to customers.

PerryCaravello1857d ago

What does this have to do with Sony. You're missing the point.

They blatently said "Fuck You," and now have been forced to withdraw that. Instead now we get "we listen to consumers and care."

They clearly dont. They're only reversing course AFTER the 2 months of face kicking they've endured.

Read into the situation before attacking Sony, a company which has nothing to do with microsoft's poor business practices, kid.


scruffy_bear1857d ago

It had nothing to do with consumers if it did MS would have removed the DRM before E3.

Empire X1857d ago

I think MS knew how people would react,but thought they would buy it anyway. Why would they think any different? They put out a broken system in the 360 and people ate it up and bought it anyway. I think they thought hey it worked with the red ring it will work with DRM. I'm happy it didn't work and most people put there foot down,but don't think for one min. that MS did a 180 because people screamed about it. It's because a bunch people didn't go out and reserve it.

Cam9771857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

It's Microsoft. If that didn't effect you then read it again and let it sink in. They expect me to fall in their arms after trying to **** me by saying 'we listened'. No! They changed it because they wanted maximum profit. The fact they have the nerve to try and imply they actually care for the consumer after trying to pull that DRM BS is rage-inducing.

PerryCaravello1857d ago

They wanted to fuck all of us, and now "we listen to the consumer"

Shut the fuck up lol.

Listen to me BUYING A PS4.

Cam9771857d ago

Do you care to please make sense? I didn't understand that.8

testerg351857d ago

So did Sony listen to the consumer when you now have to pay for multiplayer online?

PigPen1856d ago

David Jaffe is good with Microsoft now decision of the Xbox One. Why are you angry about it? You're buying a PS4 and that's good for you, but I am not which is good for me.

mistertwoturbo1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Microsoft: Hey... sorry... I know I tried to F' your moms and all. But that's not going to happen. Oh well, wait, we're still going to F' her at only once when you first launch the console, but after that no more.

Everyone else: Wait, you tried to F' my mom and now expect us to just look the other way?

Xbox Fans: What? Why didn't you stick with your original plan of F'ing my mom? That would have made me happy even though deep inside me I know it is absolutely despicable.

ichimaru1857d ago way to look at it.
Have you spoken to anyone about recent family issues spilling out into internet forums

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