Indie Dev Pulls Game from PAX, Blames PA Organizer Tweets

Indie dev Fullbright calls out PAX organizers on their blatant transphobic, sexist and racist views.

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Cueil1884d ago

then no one will give a crap about your tiny little game with no publicity...

DragonPs41884d ago

They aren't the only ones pulling out

Cueil1884d ago Show
ifritAlkhemyst1884d ago

I have no idea who any of these people are and I don't really care.

Skate-AK1884d ago

It's nice to see someone stand up for what they believe in. Pulling out of PAX will at least get their game known more.

yanikins1111884d ago

Good on them. I wanna buy their sh** on principal alone.

iceman061884d ago

That's ballsy!!! I don't care if I've never heard of them. This is the true indie spirit. It's not about THIS cause, just that they are standing for a cause that at very least THEY believe in.

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