Nintendo: Third Party Support a (Secondary) Priority

IGN: "The challenges facing Nintendo's Wii U are many, to the extent that the publisher must start to prioritize its efforts to revive the stalled momentum of the system. One result of this prioritization is how Nintendo thinks about third party development. The publisher knows it needs the diversity and strength that aggressive third party support can bring, but also understands that it can't force business partners to a system that isn't selling. First it needs to do its own part."

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leemass241921d ago

n4g are proper slow for news this was on other sites like 2 days ago ............... and i totally get were nintendo are coming from you need a good amount of systems sold before you can attract 3rd party and to do this you need good 1st party titles.

3-4-51921d ago

It will's just going to take Nintendo releasing all their good IP's to get people to jump on board.

LOL_WUT1921d ago

So going by your standards this turnaround for the Wii U won't happen until 2014? Listen everything can change once they make that price cut. ;)

leemass241921d ago

yer man i just wish people would forget about specs, wii u will have some fantastic looking games i love all consoles but some people just care about specs im happy with the wii u :), and i agree more ips and games and wii u will be fine

N4g_null1921d ago

There are a few milestones to watch.

Public buying habits for wii fit u, Mario kart, smash bros.

Those are volumn movers. Third parties to are reacting to how Mario couldn't move systems afterwards.