H-Hour: World's Elite - First Character Reveal

Hi, guys. We are going to take a risk and release a very early look at the first character for H-Hour. This image was taken directly from the game and still needs authenticity tweaks, some detail work, and under the hood work to shaders. But we thought it was important to show that we are working on more than videos and Word documents. Rest assured that by the time we ship, our characters and environments will look every bit as awesome as the best of our competitors.

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BattleAxe1878d ago

I can't wait to see this game on PC and PS4!!!

harbie1878d ago

They do have the first screenshot on the kickstarter page:

You want gameplay footage (not graphics) look here:

BattleAxe1878d ago

lol gotta love those PMN mines!

booboobreh1878d ago

Cannot wait for this, a new era of shooters

SoapShoes1878d ago

I don't see why Sony doesn't swoop this guy up and fund/publish the game.

Dire7901878d ago

Why would they do that? And basically rub it into Sony's face for blatantly ignoring the SOCOM community in effort to make a more "mainstream" SOCOM. They would never suck up their pride and admit they were wrong, plus they would probably want to make all these changes like S4 and ruin the game...

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