Lego Legends of Chima launch trailer

Lego Legends of Chima available next week on PSVITA and Nintendo 3DS.

All info and screenshots inside!

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Shinobi1001998d ago

STILL no word on the 3DS or Vita versions of LEGO Marvel, which the devs said they were doing somethin totally different for. This game looks pretty cool, though I have no idea what Legends of Chima is about (obviously a Thundercats clone)

HolyDuck1997d ago

It's about time LEGO made something original instead of Movie stylized games. Lego City Undercover seems to be the start of some originality.

RiPPn1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It's based off of a Lego cartoon:

And the game doesn't look very good and I usually like the Lego games.

HolyDuck1997d ago

Ahh crap, it did only feature four episodes though, and it is still a lego original I guess.

abzdine1997d ago

i wonder why this isnt coming to home consoles.. i think lego games are better with 2 players cause i only have one vita.