Angry Vista SP1 users lose more control

Confused and angry users are blasting Microsoft on its own Vista blog over the requirements for downloading Service Pack 1 (SP1). But as it added Vista SP1 to Windows Update, Microsoft also spelled out numerous caveats, telling users that there are as many as eight different reasons why they might not find the update in the Windows Update listing on their PC. Among those reasons: any of 31 language packs, earlier installed versions of SP1, various prerequisite updates and a number of device drivers.

The service pack is being withheld from machines containing one or more of the listed drivers, because, as Microsoft put it in a support document, "these device drivers are problematic on Windows Vista-based computers when you update to Windows Vista SP1."

That made an industry analyst wonder about Microsoft's driver testing process. "When Microsoft said there were problems with drivers, I assumed it was some odd scanner or camera, or an ancient printer or something," said Michael Cherry, analyst with Directions on Microsoft, a Kirkland, Wash.-based research firm. "But then I saw the list. It makes me wonder what's going on with device driver testing.

"Microsoft keeps saying that there's this vast ecosystem of device drivers, but it appears there's a much smaller number of reliable, well-tested drivers. Because if these drivers [on Microsoft's list] were tested, that calls into question the testing process."

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PR0NE3644d ago

i installed sp1 and it wrecked all of my drivers i had to reinstall them, so yeah +1 for this article maybe with all this turmoil, microsoft will do smth to fix it. Gladly i have ubuntu, and OSX on the humongous one terra hdd...

Obama3644d ago

I am still using xp and I really wonder if I should upgrade to vista in the future. I really hope there's an alternative.

TurdStationPee3644d ago

There is. Get a PC which can run Vista. Problem solved, Osama.

gw4k3644d ago

Linux for everything and xp for games.

F******* MS!

TurdStationPee3644d ago

I'll stick to standard Vista. Works great on my noncrappy PC.

Jrome3644d ago

Finally someone who understands that Vista runs great on a GOOD PC. Not something you found in the bargain bin rofl.

TurdStationPee3644d ago

lmao. Exactly. All these sony boys around here claiming they're "rich" enough to buy PSturds instead of 360s, but can't afford a PC to run Vista. Sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.