Xbox One vs. PS4: It’s all about games now

Now that the Xbox One and the PS4 are nearly identical, it comes down to exclusives when choosing which console to buy.

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pedrof931885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

This is an fanboy opinion.

Apparently to this guy everything related to PS4 sucks, what is really appealing on PS4 ain't that much to this person. He also says that everything related to XBOX is amazing.

Don't bother reading this.

komp1885d ago

He can have his own opinion, but he cannot have his own facts.

xHeavYx1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

My favorite line was "the Xbox One will be priced at $499. The Xbox One comes with a Kinect, though, which in some ways, justifies the extra $100" Yeah right.

Other funny things (slightly altered to show the real meaning) "It's all about the games, but wait, I'm an Xbox person, so screw everything else".
"I don't know anything about Playstation, I've just had my console for almost 3 years"
"Killzone is so Halo, so I won't buy Killzone"
"I love vibrating triggers"
"I can finally play Metal Gear now that I won't be forced to use the Dualshock"
"Ryse is just like COD"
"I have to repeat that Kinect is worth the extra $100, I'm sure it will be integrated to core games this time, and it will be FABULOUS"

darthv721885d ago

it can be all about the games. Its always been about the games from the gamers perspective.

Its about the features and restrictions from the consumers perspective. While all gamers are consumers, not all consumers are gamers.

that is why there are two perspectives in this example.

Both will have games that appeal to different demographics. They will have good games and bad games which has been the tradition of things since the late 70's.

Not every game appeals to every gamer and its okay. I buy the ones that appeal to me regardless of platform. this gen will be no different, I take that back. this gen will be different in that the game will be exceedingly better due to the technical differences as compared to the previous gens.

Army_of_Darkness1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

It was always about the games, it's just that MS decided to add some unnecessary drama to the mix.

BluEx6101885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I am so glad Kinect games are coming out the wazoo. Am sad that Kinect is forced into the console ecosystem though(Didn't mean to offend Kinect Supporters).

I'm looking forward to seeing more titles being announced. Like maybe Gears of War 4, Fable IV, God of War 4, Uncharted 4, Syphon Filter 4, and LBP 3?? And you can bet there will be new IP's coming up.

Still I want to hear more about Deep Down, Dark Sorcerer, The Last Guardian, and Agent.(Come on Rockstar either make this or GTA Vita)

Sad to see Indie devs not getting the love from MS side. Indie games are just getting bigger and bigger.

So many great next gen games, but the upcoming games this year, that get me personally excited are Beyond 2 Souls, GT6, GTA V, and Watch Dogs. My PS3 still has life in it =)

GravelerMagnitude91884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

im sorry i just get so frustrated when someone compares stuff like that.

killzone and halo are two different games completely.

character movement
art style
weapons and such
all different

and if the article dude never had playstation,
why compare.

thats like comparing gears of war to uncharted.

I never seen Marcus Fenix climb a mountain
Ive never seen Drake with a Lancer gun sh**

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dedicatedtogamers1885d ago

If it was all about the games, Xbox One would still be lagging behind. PS4 showed off far more gameplay demonstrations at E3. Xbox One had CGI trailers and games running on PCs with Nvidia cards.

And even so, Sony is the one pushing forward f2p and MMO games on PS4. Planetside 2, Warframe, and DC Universe will be f2p on Day One. Does X1 have an equivalent?

But yeah, it's all about the games, right? Let's forget about the differences in hardware, the differences in price, and the Kinect requirement.

Loki861885d ago

Planetside 2 and Warframe are not day 1, both rumored for 2014 release on PS4.

Also, it was shown that DR3, KI, Ryse, and Forza were all running on the hardware. Lococyle, the horribly optimized AC4, and Watch Dogs were all running on PC. This was already stated after E3.

UNGR1885d ago

But less exclusive software. People were expecting a lot of gameplay from titles that can be more than a year away. Considering they actually showed the games existing that's more than enough to keep gamers interested. Before we got nothing, not it seems Microsoft is flaunting it's money. Unless those 3rd party demos makes Sony god somehow? Fanboys with that fanboy logic. Why can't people just admit Microsoft had a pretty good showing in terms of software, especially in comparison to the last 4 E3's?

TechnicianTed1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

'PS4 showed off far more gameplay demonstrations at E3. Xbox One had CGI trailers and games running on PCs with Nvidia cards. '

Did they? Infamous:Second Son, Killzone 4, Drive Club and Knack. Games we already knew about. The Order: 1886 was CGI. Apart from that, what else was there that wasn't available anywhere else? Not much.

The only game I was shown that interested me in getting a ps4 was Infamous:Second Son, not enough to buy a ps4 day one though.

Let's be clear, Sony won E3 because of the DRM business, the price point and for being more powerful, not because they showed off tons of games. From a games point of view they did quite badly.

Now DRM has been taken away they have the price point and the fact the console is more powerful, but the games are key.

Smoovekid1885d ago


"Planetside 2 and Warframe are not day 1, both rumored for 2014 release on PS4."

Where did you read that. They are both launch window.

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HammadTheBeast1885d ago

Xbox One Titles Shown or Announced: 11/15

PS4 Titles Shown or Announced: 7(?)/20

And yet its a pre-order massacre.

If its about games only, I shudder to think of when Sony reveals the rest of their first party line-up, or what Naughty Dog's second teams worked on...

S2Killinit1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

stupid article. It was a waist of my time and my click. Also I think we all know who has the best and most exclusives at this point.

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pat_11_51885d ago

I don't think someone being more comfortable with a console's ecosystem makes them a fan boy at all.

I think blindly bashing another console defines fan boy.

Timesplitter141885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I think it comes down to this :

PS4 is built around being indie-friendly and dev-friendly, which will increase its chances of getting good indie games... and games in general.

Xbox One is built with Kinect in mind, which will increase its chances of getting kinect games.

Now it's not nearly as simple as that, since relationships between companies and other factors come into play, but I think these are the basic advantages that stand out for each console.

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MegaMohsi1885d ago

actually it's also about price, $100 difference between the 2, still a big deal....

UNGR1885d ago

First adopters are all hardcore fans, price is not an issue. While $500 is more expensive, it's not a bad price considering what it's coming with.

MegaMohsi1885d ago

the price will not change for the first year, by then all the hardcore fans will have bought one so yes price will be a difference. Look at PS3, it offered significantly more in the hardware end and cost more than the xbox 360, the hardcore fans kept sales up the first 2 months and then it took a nosedive until they cut the price

Why o why1885d ago

Maybe but the ps launched with an upgradable bluray player wi fi proper surround sound yet it was still considered high price. The cheapest blu ray player at that time was nearly 1000 quid. Sometimes, whats in it doesnt matter

ginsunuva1885d ago

No $500 is an okay price.
But it's a bad price considering what it's coming with.

ThatCanadianGuy5141884d ago

It's coming with cheap looking hardware and inferior specs.Not even a headset.

$100 more for a camera isn't really worth it imo.Pretty bad price

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HappyWithOneBubble1885d ago

Both consoles will have price drops down the road regardless. It's about the games and better 1st party developers and that's Sony imo. As of right now I'd be gaming on my PS3 for a while til I get my PS4.

pat_11_51885d ago

The $100 price makes sense in some ways because it comes packed in with the Kinect.

MegaMohsi1885d ago

Kinect is forced on you so no it doesn't make sense. if MS was smart they would release a $399 version without Kinect, THAT would level the playing field.

C-Thunder1885d ago

But they can't because the system requires it and if they did, they'd still be the weaker system and still would be the guys who tried to screw us over in the first place.

gnothe11884d ago

blu ray was forced on us..people said sony should release a ps3 with a dvd drive..DID THEY?,,,