Call of Duty 4 - New multiplayer maps screenshots

9 screenshots from the upcoming downloadable multiplayer maps: Broadcast, China Town, Creek and Kill House.

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fenderputty3674d ago

I can't wait for this. It's almost like a new game for me. LOL


Surfman3673d ago

same here, new maps means more more hours to play, its a better life-time. Let's hope will be quick with this patch.

simplemetry3673d ago

yea man... i cant wait either... hehe

Lets dew this

wangdiddy823673d ago

ur on crack dude.. COD4 is the shiznits brotha.. lol.. Game never gets old.. If you havent played search and destroy yet, try that. Its one of the best game modes on there i think.. Really competative..

anyway it finally looks like they got a great sniping stage with the creek.. Its going to be hard to find the snipers now.. All the stages now you can easily fine the snipers..

War_Pig3673d ago

I cant wait to buy a new computer so that the game can even more crisp and the new maps should add some extra carnage.