Microsoft Brand in Sharp Decline Says Study

Microsoft's brand power has been in sharp decline over the past four years, an indication the company is losing credibility and mindshare with U.S. business users, according to a recent study by market research firm CoreBrand.

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TriggerHappy3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

The once ulimate ruler of everything computers and software is in a battle to reclaim their spot as the number. Can they do it ? hmm, thats just anyone's guess.

xsteinbachx3681d ago

I hope they do. I refuse to buy a mac or use Linux.

Breakfast3681d ago

Who cares who's in top spot... I wouldnt care if the Red Cross made my software, just as long as its good. Who cares what company makes it.

decapitator3681d ago

Well this is really bad. They got knocked from number 1 to number 12 ? Not even making it in the top 10 ? Hope they get their stuff together.

I blame vista and zune.

DRUDOG3681d ago

Read much decapitator? They went from 12th in '04 to 59th last year. Not a good thing when you drop that fast. Like the story said, look what happened to IBM.

decapitator3681d ago

oopz...My fault. But I still kinda had the right Idea though. Thanks for the correction.

BrianC62343681d ago

It's funny to see that story on Yahoo. That should really upset Microsoft. The person who put it up might want to watch out for their job if Microsoft ends up buying Yahoo though.

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ruibing3681d ago

While their console seem to be doing well, their OS, media player, and web browser no longer has the whatever positive reputation they used to have. In terms of the PC software, the only ones I still have some respect for is Office, Project, and Visio. But aside from productivity software, they have lagged behind competitors.

decapitator3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I agree with you but not entirely. The 360 is doing doing 'OK'. Am am sure Microsoft would love for it be selling more than it does or to have sold more than it already has but thats difficult task to accomplish.

360sucks3681d ago

maybe it because of Vista and Red Ring of Death

DRUDOG3681d ago

They sure as hell aren't helping, but I think this is deeper rooted than those problems. They've been viewed as the "evil empire" for a long while now and, whether fair or not, perceptions mean more to a lot of people than facts.

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wulan3681d ago

X360 is already finished in europe by today

even with a price cut PS3 outsold x360 in UK last week

"Though PS3 is still outselling 360 regularly week-on-week and in terms of year-to-date sales, the Sony and Microsoft platforms both saw a 73 and 78 per cent rise in hardware sales respectively this week."

so VGCHARTZ proven FAKE tooo and there is no doubt that x360 is officially fully dead in europe . even with a price cut it couldnt match PS3 sales in UK not to even mention other countries

what makes you think that x360 will remain in EU after the release of GT5P

console war finishes on 12th JUne worldwide

Mr Playboy3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

he use M$ OS everyday, and still believe is M$ is dying because of PS3 or $ony and sadly, millions of droids believe the same thing too lol

NASIM wake up I know you still searching in sony wonderland for more games

oh wait a minute you don't have a PS3, right ??

The Closing3681d ago

M$ isn't the only company with OS systems for comps smart guy. Don't ASSume.

GiantEnemyCrab3681d ago

Oh the poor failing fishheads! Wulan is a droid he believes that if he says that the "360 died today in EU" that it will become true. Wulan you have failed on such an epic level that I actually pity you. It is so hard being the king of the hill and then going to the bottom of the barrel. Sony has lost this gen and I know it is difficult as it is waiting for games to show up on your movie player.

MS still owns the desktops and servers. MS Exchange is a brilliant piece of software tech that nothing can come close too. Even your own god Sony is a tramp for the ol Windows OS.

bootsielon3681d ago

NASIM make for himself? NASIM, I know you live in germany... are you by chance a Muslim? Just curiosity.

wulan3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

MS is the only brand with OS for desktop users

Linux /unix are used in server applications by everyone

It is over for MS...soon they will be fully dead

How many of those 100 million VISTA users are genuine???

The mega flopped vista with 70% being pirated owners

stupid XTARDS is over for MS soon


I use MAC OS BTW on my laptop. I dont use crappindows

@giantcrb aka MART

everyone knows thats its you MART aka POG

Today is x360's death anniversary in europe. why arent you going into a hideout? June 12th will the death anniversary of break box in USA

The Closing3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Most who own a pc use M$ OS because they monopolized the market. I ran M$ OS pc for years, and just recently switched to a Mac with a MAC OS, and MAC OS runs so much smoother without the hassle, which is the reason why media friendly users choose mac. The problem due to the monopoly M$ has some files don't work straight off the bat, but there are lots of simple ways around that. If you're not too much of a blind fanboy I suggest next time going , and picking yourself up a mac instead, which now have option to run either system out of the box there is no reason anymore not to, although if M$ lost it's stranglehold on the market as it already has there will be no reason whatsoever to run the M$ OS at all. Also your comments about ps3 failed is entirely fabricated, and makes you lose all credibility since both consoles are pretty much in the same boat right now except the ps3 has just started picking up steam.

edit: Playboy you assumed he uses a M$ OS so you indeed acted like it's the only OS around when in-fact he doesn't use it. Lets be honest here, and tell me who's full of nonsense? Also never say always because as the saying goes, "Todays empires tomorrows ashes."

Mr Playboy3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

@ The Closing

hey man I didn't say M$ is the only with OS ??? stop this nonsense

I mean its more popular

@ Tando AKA Larry AKA Nasim AKA A$$hole

Windows will always be the king of OS no matter what happen to M$, keep dreaming poor droid

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