Xbox Designer Kevin Bachus Talks Dave and Busters and The XBox One and Playstation 4

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an audio interview with Kevin Bachus. Kevin was one of the designers of the Xbox and he is now working with Dave and Busters on their Summer of Games promotion. Kevin talked about the Xbox One, The Wii U, and the Playstation 4 as well as the challenges of game consoles and arcades in the next decade.

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Richard Cypher2005d ago

Lol no it's me who designed Xbox One and i can tell you it's a lot less powerful than PS4.

What, i am as legit as this random Guy :)

Richard Cypher2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Seriously, i think that reading in details architecture article about PS4 and considering this one true, they clearly has the upper hand on sony side :
- more raw power
- more memory available for games
- more programming option for optimization later this generation

And the cloud won't do anything on real time graphic quality for those who are not on IT, it can't for reactivity reasons :)

dolkrak2005d ago

Yeah, the cloud is PR bullshit. I work in IT.

Technically, you either stream the full game (streaming the display actually) like Gaikai or onLive, or you don't use cloud at all.

Latency is the issue, plus the fact that most things just don't need a lot of CPU time. Cloud would be useful mostly on graphics, and then you get in trouble with latency.

A-laughing-horse2005d ago

You really got upset about this article huh bud?

BallsEye2005d ago

Architecture matters more than you think. When xbox360 had more graphic raw power than ps3 (look it up) ps fans were saying architecture of TEH CELL is so amazing it can offload GPU and it did work in some cases great! Now that xbox one has more unique architecture with esram and move engines offloading cpu and gpu you are saying OH RAW POWER ON PAPER MATTERS MORE!. Hilarious fanboys.

dcbronco2005d ago

"Yeah, the cloud is PR bullshit. I work in IT."

I lay cables all day which means I'm qualified to determine if someone has invented anything new in IT. I don't invent anything but I know what they will be able to do in the future.

Why is it people that work with a certain kind of equipment think that qualifies them to determine what people that invent and engineer equipment can do. It seems that no matter how many times something new does something that was deemed not possible, the majority will say "that's not possible" when something new comes along.

Gotta give it to them for standing their ground. I guess.

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InMyOpinion2005d ago

Lol yeah, how does working in Italy suddenly make you an expert in cloud computing.

Wait a minute...

Garethvk2005d ago

I thought for a guy who was such a big hand in designing the Xbox he actually was not all praise worthy on the Xbox One and had some nice things to say about the PS 4 and the Wii U.

raytraceme2005d ago

All the xbox originals are gone from MS which leaves me to wonder why people still support them.

Garethvk2005d ago

I think he was smart as he does consulting and such. Dave and Busters brought him in to ramp up their new arcade plans and I am curious to see how the 4D gaming goes. We are supposed to go check it out next weekend. But he also keeps up with consoles and tech very well not just at Microsoft.