Titanfall Will Do Nothing For The Xbox One

Respawn Entertainment's newest title, Titanfall, garnered heaps of praise at this year's E3 conference. Touted as a huge selling point for the upcoming Xbox One, Titanfall looks like it will be hitting all the right notes. However, will Titanfall really help the Xbox One sell like gangbusters? Is it the exclusive that the Xbox One needs to succeed?

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Loki861999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Titanfall is not a launch title so gamers will have plenty of time to purchase the new console before this point.

Also Zampella and West were pushed out of Infinity Ward because they didn't want to milk a franchise, hell Bobby didn't even want to move on from WWII shooters after CoD2, but they wanted to do others inventive titles. The only reason they renewed their contract was because they were ensured complete creative control, then Bobby "Antichrist" Kotick wrote a clause into their contract where if they were fired for any reason the Call of Duty IP would belong to Activision. He then looked for their replacements then after MW2 was released fired them for no reason, other then the rumors of talks with EA.

Testfire1999d ago

Is that really how it went down? Reminds me of the crack baby olympics episode from South Park.

JokesOnYou1998d ago

"Looking back, however, I find that hanging the Xbox One’s hopes on Titanfall was a terrible mistake on Microsoft’s behalf."

-lol, I should have stopped reading right there....why does having a deal for a awesome AAA game with a 3rd party dev mean microsoft hung X1's hopes on Titanfall? lol, Did he watch E3? Forza5, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break all are a combination of exclusives along with the focus on new studios and billion dollar investment over the next is what micro has their "hopes" hanging on.= Either he's uninformed or trolling. It only got worst from there basically his whole article kept saying this is great, bu bu bu not that good.....OK sure buddy thats why you and the whole world keep talking about Titanfall, sounds like he's trying to convince himself its not THAT good.

Loki861999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Not sure why I would get disagrees since everything stated above is 100% true, this site is hilarious sometimes.

Wh15ky1999d ago

"100% true"

Sure? You're hilarious!

BluEx6101999d ago

You shouldn't make another reply of you wondering why you're getting disagrees. You'll just get more disagrees and down bubbled. It's kind of like "How dare you disagree with me, I am telling facts and you must listen and agree with me !!!! MUAHAHAHHAHAH"

horndog1999d ago

You should know better than to use facts here. Make [email protected]! T up next time and make sure you trash xbox or throw a little jab everychance you get. Dont talk about awsome looking xbox exclusives like titanfall because it hits a nerves with the fanboys. Youll loose bubbles before you can reply. You have to stroke sonys shaft. Observe

hey guys, titanfall will FAiLZz teh hard. Is Mech of Duty. Killzone is TEh BEast.

3-4-51999d ago

The ignorant usually don't "get it" right away.

It takes them a while, considering their low intelligence.

Don't let it get you down.

It's like people don't want to believe anything bad about their beloved COD franchise.

They are blind.

That being said, I think Titanfall will sell really well on XB1.

miyamoto1998d ago

As I love the concept of this game!!!!

MS Gundam One year War FPS on PlayStation
MS Gundam 0079 Rise from the Ashes FPS on Sega Dreamcast
MS Gundam Battle Operation TPS on PS3

now put them all together and you have Titanfall


i hope gamers do not discard this game as a Japanese game and really give this game a try.

SpinalRemains1381998d ago

Perhaps its because they disagree with your assertion that Titanfall will not sell consoles. They think it will.

Look closely. The button says 'disagree', not 'incorrect'

Don't know why so many users cannot understand the disagree concept.

Freedomland1998d ago

This is multiplayer only game and surely always online So not for the people who like to play campaign.

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MYSTERIO3601998d ago

This really isn't a system seller for me especially when its available for both PC and the 360.

medman1998d ago

You say infinity ward didn't want to milk a franchise and wanted to do other inventive titles. That doesn't square with making a game that basically looks like an online Cod with mechs. Respawn hasn't strayed particularly far from what they do best, much as Bungie hasn't left Halo so far behind with Destiny. (Destiny does look good though, and I'm far more interested in it than in Titanfall).

Gardenia1998d ago

Tbh Titanfall didn't blow me away at all. It looked like COD with robots, for me not interesting at all. But i won't buy the Xbone anyway

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ElementX1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Somebody actually used the word gangbusters in an article? I quit reading right there

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FrigidDARKNESS1999d ago

Yeah i wuit reading its sound as though the author of th article is butthurt that the game isn't on or wont be on the ps4 ....TitanFalls is the most wanted game for the xbox one and will be a hit for the system.

TongkatAli1999d ago

Game looks hot no denying that.

Dno1999d ago

I can. multiplayer only is not for everyone.

FamilyGuy1999d ago

It looks good but it's basically what Warhawk was for the PS3. Online only games have longevity.

It should do fine and 2 or 3 years from now they'll probably be working on a PS4 game anyway (for the PS4 only people that care)

SoapShoes1999d ago

Dude it's EA and with Microsoft exclusive track record last gen, it will undoubtedly come to PS4 within a year.

cyberninja1999d ago

No campaign no buy for me.

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Supermax1999d ago

Looks good and I think it will be a system seller along with cod.