Pro Evolution Soccer's Back In Business

Pro Evolution Soccer's Wii debut is important to Konami. A fair amount of criticism was leveled at early versions of PES 2008 and the PS3 version in particular, but PES European team leader Jon Murphy says the new Wii version shows Konami's back on song.

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ItsDubC3766d ago

There are a lot of ppl out there whose head would explode upon reading that the Wii version has the best online experience. I almost bought this last weekend and after reading this article, I'm officially sold. Not to mention, the Wii version is only $40.

KeiZka3766d ago

Haven't really been a fan of PES, but might give it a try. A big might.

cooke153766d ago

Ill be getting this, Havent been into soccer games since the early fifa ones heh.