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Cliff Bleszinski Says Your Complaints Didn't Change The Xbox One

CCC says: "Don Mattrick’s public reveal of the radical inversion of several of the Xbox One’s policies—ranging from DRM and always-online requirements to used game restrictions—came across as a shock, relief or failure depending on whom you asked. Of course, the official statement advocates that Microsoft’s renewed approach to the Xbox One is their way of responding to fan feedback, of making the Xbox One a better next-gen system as demanded by the public. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, is the testimony of Cliff Bleszinski, creator of the Gears of War series, who claims that 'Sony forced Microsoft’s hand, not the internet whining.'" (Cliff Bleszinski, Don Mattrick, Industry, Xbox One)

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DarkBlood  +   740d ago
Just another attempt to make himself look like he is never wrong about anything.

Is he trying to destroy his image or something?
allformats  +   740d ago
Again, stop making Clifford feel like he's something.
HammadTheBeast  +   740d ago
You know what Cliff? Everyone realized that it was pre-order failings that led to them changing the policy.

But they sure as hell didn't listen to you bitching on the other side.
jsslifelike  +   740d ago
Who the f**k is Clifford Q. Blezinski anymore anyway? Even Clifford the Big Red Dog has had something published within the last few years.

It's called "relevance". Look it up.
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SilentNegotiator  +   740d ago
He's right you know....because it was our preorders, not the complaints. I really wish the articles about him would stop; he's such an endless chasm of witlessness.

LOL, Clifford. Nice one.
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minimur12  +   740d ago
shutup cliff, I've had enough of you.
douevenlift  +   740d ago
Sony catered to the fans, and thereby forced Microsoft's hand. Underline the fans, as those were the ones making their voices heard on the internet. So no Cliff, you're a dumbass and you missed the point, and you need to shut your enormous never-closing flapping mouth.
rainslacker  +   740d ago

Dunno know why so many people have such a problem correlating the low preorder numbers to the complaints from the community. It's not like the two things are completely unrelated to the other.

Can't people saying "You guys did nothing to change MS mind" just respect the fact that it was a culmination of a lot of things, that basically started with us.

We complained. MS didn't notice.

We didn't pre-order because MS wasn't paying attention to us.

Sony offered everything we wanted, we praised them.

We complained more. MS didn't notice, mainstream media did.

We laughed at MS for it's low preorders, mainstream media picked up the story even more causing bad press to get out to everyone.

MS took that all in and changed their policies.

Can't people just give credit where it's due. What's done is done. If Cliffy doesn't like it, he can deal with it. He can release his own system. He can try all this stuff. We can laugh at him and hate on his system. He'll either change the system, or become irrelevant.

Consumers hold more power than they're willing to admit. We may not have been the final straw, but we but we brought the hay stack to the camel.
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miyamoto  +   740d ago
Be careful on what you copy from your classmate he might erase it after.
Although Cliffy B is a sour grape loudmouth but something substantial can be extracted from his his freeloading on actual real time turn of events.

Sony Played Micro$haft's mind this year.

This is what actually happened Sony deliberately made M$ copy what was supposed to be PS4 specs,PS Eye integration, DRM policies and price. Upon E3 Sony revealed its true PS4 and M$ copied the wrong PS4.

Then boom!

The greatest Mind Trick in video gaming happened with M$ getting its true colors Xposed!

This video explains it all.

Now every insider in the gaming industry knows how Sony seriously toyed with M$ and how dangerously dangerous Kaz Hirai is when he gets down to business.

Hence all the Pre E3 Kazification gifs that sprung out of nowhere from insiders at Neogaf.

Jack Tretton's and Andrew House's out of the blue Sony E3 press conference climax looks like properly scripted and well planned to drive the nail in M$ coffin.

Every thing fell into place and went according to Sony's plans. Including XBone's DRM reversal after Mark Cerny's PS4 Jimmy Fallon's appearance.

Poor M$ XBone. Knocked down on the first round. Can it get up?

Moral lesson is do your own homework and don't copy your classmate's papers during the exams.
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LOL_WUT  +   740d ago
He's probably just salty that no one has reached out to him ($$$) to work on a new project or for a new partnership with MS or Sony. ;)
indysurfn  +   739d ago
Am I the only person that caught this?

Microsoft qoute:'An internet connection will not be required to play OFFLINE Xbox One games'
If they where not trying to fool you it would
read:'An internet connection will not be required to play Xbox One games'. see the difference? I don't care if it drops to 199
It This is what Microsoft meant by they will make this CLEAR. (MORE TRICKY) This could just be a feature on the back of the box.

So if they dont make a offline
box like they have a 'online multi player' capable box on the back of the disc it is okay to still drm you to there hearts are content!!!
inveni0  +   739d ago
This guy is a has-been.
Kingthrash360  +   740d ago
cliff b is like a vampire,
he can only come out at night.
people want to stake him in his sleep.
and his image faded loooong ago.
GamersRulz  +   740d ago
I agree with him that it was Sony that triggered something at MS, followed by a lower than expected pre-order numbers. MS didn't give a $hit about gamers,if they did they would have change plans 2 months ago after Orth debacle.
shuuwai  +   740d ago
Sony didn't do anything. MS just got sh**list on Amazon, bestbuy, walmart and gamestop. It was loud and clear a large sum of people around the world want ps4. Too bad no developers said they wanted DRM. In truth it was the gamers and we voted with our $$$.
DARK WITNESS  +   740d ago
I don't understand why people cannot see the relationship between the move sony made and the people who complained about the xbox drm.

The same internet that cried against MS were also the same people who started a campaign crying out to sony Not to use DRM. Sony even responded to that campaign and said they were listening.

When sony showed their support to those people and confirmed that they would not have drm it's those same people who went out and preordered the ps4. Before sony officially announced they were not doing drm, the ps4's preorders were not a threat to MS, that shows that people were waiting to see what sony would do.

AS soon as sony confirmed their position on drm sony's pre-orders went through the roof.. you really don't think it was the people who were making all the noise about the xbox that went and preordered the ps4.

Gamers won this, not the dev's, not the publishers, gamers!

If sony had made those announcements and everyone went and still preordered the xbox, would anything sony did make any different to MS.

I keep hearing that Ms does not care about gamers, do people really think MS cares about Sony? NO they don't ! They don't care about anyone.. they just care about the money in their pocket... and who puts the money there, sony? No, gamers do!

as for clif, well it's a good job he does not work in the industry because everytime he opens his mouth he is putting his future games in the same boat with the xboxone's future.

The more I hear from him the less chance I think i would ever buy any game of his again.
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Masterdon   740d ago | Spam
FamilyGuy  +   740d ago
13+ million views of Sony's "How to share games on PS4" video helped a lot. Pre-orders being a fraction of the PS4s were the result and the drm switch flipping was the aftermath.

M$ will always listen to money, speak with your wallets and they'll fold.
cannon8800  +   740d ago
Cliff is a narcissist. End of story.
YNWA96  +   740d ago
Shut up people. You give us normal gamers a bad name. You make Simon cowell look tame... Miserable bunch...
greenlantern2814  +   740d ago
i believe he has already done that. why would they change because of sony when numerous ms people said sony wont make change what we are doing. i personally love how this f-ing moron is down on console gaming after it made him a fortune. what a tool
makyou  +   740d ago
Dude, Cliffy B is just immortalizing himself in the list of douche bags of 2013.

and i have to admit i think he deserves to be there. :)
Burrito26a  +   740d ago
I wish someone would take that chainsaw to his face.
MonkeyNinja  +   740d ago
Someone please shut this guy up.
Cryptcuzz  +   740d ago
That is what I have been trying to say all along!
ginsunuva  +   740d ago
The media's the one who asks them questions. Tell them to stop. Or stop giving these articles hits so they don't feel the need to make more.
GreenRanger  +   740d ago
@ Cliff Bleszinski...

Related video
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PirateThom  +   740d ago
Careful now.
morganfell  +   740d ago
Perfect, GreenRanger.
Kingthrash360  +   740d ago
this 40 year old virgin thinks he knows everything.
YNWA96  +   740d ago
Kthrash, you are a nasty piece... How's your hand?
Kingthrash360  +   740d ago
lol, well I shook cliff B.'s hand with it.
abc1233  +   740d ago
I'm getting real tired of your **** Cliff
thebudgetgamer  +   740d ago
Oh Cliffy,
S2Killinit  +   740d ago
I'm pretty sure it was gamers almost unanimous response, the fact that I was going to get the next xbox and then decided not to. There a million of us just like me.
rainslacker  +   740d ago
More than a million I'd wager. And we're called a minority.:)
S2Killinit  +   739d ago
true that. I meant as in "we are many" lol
GamePeace  +   740d ago
Cliffy, a little bit humilty, please.
Is this too much for you?
GamePeace  +   740d ago
Don't do and say things that will make you feel ashamed afterwards...
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CaEsAr-  +   740d ago
Enough with this a-hole. Why do we care about what he's saying?!
bigbearsack  +   740d ago
DarkZane  +   740d ago
He is a little right here though. Microsoft didn't change their policies for the consumers, they did it because Sony backed them into a corner.

If they could have, they would have kept those policies because Microsoft don't care about the consumers.
Imalwaysright  +   740d ago
No they did it because their pre-orders were insignificant while everyone and their mother was pre-ordering a PS4. Who do you think made those pre-orders?
PockyKing  +   740d ago
Do you have a fact that Microsoft did it because of the pre-orders? No, you don't, just like most of the other people running their mouths here. Cliffy B knows the industry, he's worked in it. Some of the things he says may be a bit outlandish, but for someone whose worked in the gaming industry and had a position like him, I'm sure he knows more about what's going on then you or me.
Imalwaysright  +   740d ago
Of course it were the pre-orders that forced MS to bendover. Ask yourself why would MS change their policies. There is only 1 answear: MONEY. Do you think that MS would have changed their policies if the pre-orders were strong? You don't have to be an insider to know that money rules this industry. Where does the money come from? Consumers. We control every industry. Without us there is no money.
animegamingnerd  +   740d ago
go home cliffy your drunk
ksa-sh8sh8b8  +   740d ago
you are
Vip3r  +   740d ago
Bakkies  +   740d ago
Cliffy B is right. If Sony had the same DRM scheme, MS wouldn't have done a thing. The complaints about the DRM scheme started after the reveal event, if it made an impact, they would've changed it at E3.

Directly after E3, when Sony revealed their plans, one could only imagine the panic in the board room at MS when pre-orders started rolling in. Equally people complained about the Kinect always-on, yet these complaints are falling on deaf ears.
NihonjinChick  +   740d ago
If Microsoft's pre-orders were high enough, it wouldn't matter if Sony announced DRM or not. It was the consumer who stopped Microsoft.
rainslacker  +   740d ago
That's an interesting scenario you bring up. Whose to say that if Sony had gone with this DRM, they wouldn't have seen a low number of pre-orders for the same reason? The idea was pretty much hated on across the board.

The only people I saw really saying it won't matter because Sony would do it were the ones that were trying to justify it on the X1.

It's quite possible both companies would have had to have changed the policy because they saw too great a risk of people not wanting the system.

It's one of those case studies we'll likely have to wait on. We can only speculate.
PositiveEmotions  +   740d ago
Who is cliff?
MikeyDucati1  +   740d ago
Here he goes again. Is it worth reading the article?
N8  +   740d ago
The sales numbers made them change it.
blue_flowers  +   740d ago
exactly, its funny that people think they change microsofts mind lol. delusional is the word. it was about the money. and i wouldnt be surprised if microsoft changed their policy two or three years from now after they have an install base and go back to the drm and online check ins.
Imalwaysright  +   740d ago
And where do those sales numbers come from? From Mars? It was us consumers that forced MS to bendover.
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MonChiChi  +   740d ago
What? who is to say the internet did not influence Sony? If we at all influenced Sony, Then YES, we helped MS change their mind.
Number-Nine  +   740d ago
cliffy, the big red arsehole.
cpayne93  +   740d ago
It was a combination of Sony's move, the terrible preorders, and the constant criticism from both journalists and gamers. Mainly it was the preorders tho. At the end of the day they knew they had to change when they saw it was gonna hurt their wallets
ApolloTheBoss  +   740d ago
What a huge tool.
bub16  +   740d ago
starchild  +   740d ago
Why? You guys crack me up.

Sometimes I agree with him and sometimes I don't. But at the end of the day he's just another guy with an opinion. It doesn't piss me off or threaten me.
PockyKing  +   740d ago
It pisses people off here because a lot of them THINK they understand the industry and KNOW why companies do things. It's funny that they think people posting middle fingers on Microsoft's FB page helped. You really think Microsoft is "grateful" for that feedback? No.
bub16  +   740d ago
just his general attitude lately, he made like one good game and think he knows just about everything and has all the answers. comparing luggage and space crafts on a jet with online drm. he needs to know when to shut up seeing as he has retired from gaming
rainslacker  +   740d ago

You don't have to understand the industry to enjoy the products that it has to offer. You also don't have to accept everything the industry throws at you just because you don't understand the industry.

MS is offering a consumer product. As such, no understanding of the industry is necessary to determine if people want to spend their money on a product, either due to it's quality or the policies surrounding it.

It doesn't take much to realize that the end result of what we started here on the internet back when these were rumors ended with the changes in these policies. It doesn't take a genius level CEO to figure that out.

When it comes to cliffy here, he's been talking down to gamers a lot in the past month or so. Basically blaming them for all the industries woes.

And no, I don't think MS was grateful for our feedback. But I do think all those little feedbacks were all the drops of rain that main the river run wild.
PerryCaravello  +   740d ago
I think he just accidentally ran his mouth, and now he realizes he's wrong... but he's continuing on with this irrelevant rant.

Microsoft responded to Sony, ONLY BECAUSE OF CONSUMER REACTION.

Microsoft thought they would sell less consoles, allowing Sony to SELL MORE (surprise surprise CAPITALISM) and microsoft reacted.

I think psychologically he's just mad because a bunch of smelly, jobless gamers had more POWER than him, and actually dictated microsoft's policy, UNLIKE HIM. (he doesn't dictate anything, he's irrelevant)

It's all about power, and this cliffy b has none lol.

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thatsBangin  +   740d ago
Cliff, is there a seagull sat on your head.
Dude is a bit of a bell-end
Cryptcuzz  +   740d ago
Can the real Cliffy B please stand up...please stand up.
kingPoS  +   740d ago
I don't even... is he trying to make himself look bad, does he 'want' people mad at him?
Lolrus  +   740d ago
Cliff Blezinski is a mug. Even MS was not proud of the DRM features because if they were, why didnt they farking talk about during their reveal, e3 or anywhere in between. Only when cornered and questioned did they give some swift generic answer that didnt really strike a chord with consumers. This is why it failed. DRM was put in place primarily to benefit publishers/devs and not consumers. Even if were to accept his premise that Sony is responsible for this, the whole reason Sonys policies proved so powerfully divisive was because of fan reaction and consumers rallying behind them...
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NateCole  +   740d ago
Consumers compaling and voting with their wallet forced MS. Cliffy should stop making a fool of himself.
Roper316  +   740d ago
um no

complaints = unhappy customers = lack of preorder sales = MS changing strategy

Sony only offered a different option but it was upto the gamer to accept that option instead of bending over for MS.

If perorder numbers were even does anyone think MS would have changed regardless of what Sony was doing? I know I don't
nullifier  +   740d ago
Next he'll come out with an official statement and say he personally talked to MS himself and he was the one that changed their minds heh
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