Satoru Iwata talks about Nintendo’s limitations

Nintendo can't do this alone. Iwata addresses the lack of third party Wii U and 3DS support.

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overlordror1973d ago

Glad they're finally acknowledging they have some problems they need to work out.

SpiralTear1973d ago

Acknowledgement is only the first step. Iwata's been apologizing for months now about the Wii U, yet we haven't seen too much new for the system, not even at E3. It looks great, but...what else?

Nintendo just needs to step things up now. I mean, their history in consideration, it's not like it's impossible for them to succeed, even at this point.

BullyMangler1973d ago

dude no matter how u wanna look at it, NIntendo is in the lead over sony and microsoft < fact, regardless of saLes .. . (:

sad thing is even marios new CAT suit in mario 3D land for wiiU is more CREATEive than all of The Last of Us game (;

linkenski1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

bullymangLer: What? How is the most generic Mario game next to the crapload of NSMB games less generic than one of the finest and most polished video game creations to this date? I'm a huge Nintendo fan, I'm playing Animal Crossing right now, I have a Gamecube, I have a Wii and i support them, but saying the Last of Us is uncreative is an insult to the people who put their time and thoughts into it.

It's one of the best games i've ever played, maybe not top 5 (OoT will always be top) but you can't come and say that it sucks especially not if you haven't even played it.

Did it not strike you that Mario is starting to become a milked franchise? The cat suit is just a revision of the Racoon suit. Anyone could've come up with that. As for that game, it's just Mario 3D Land in HD and with co-op. That's not the evolution of Mario fans were looking for.

BullyMangler1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

nnehh h

greenlantern28141973d ago

well maybe if they let 3rd party or indy devs put stuff on their eshop and get some of the profits they would have a better relationship with them.

gamer421973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I thought Indie devs could price their games at whatever they wanted in the eShop so they can make profit, am I mistaken?

greenlantern28141973d ago

You are mistaken for Indy or 3rd parties to get money for eshop they have to hit a certain amount of money made.

EliteGameKnight1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )


Actually, developers make income on every unit sold, they dont have to meet a threshold. It was evolved from the Wiiware/DSIware system to allow it to be easier for indies. They are also able to choose the price of their games to further sales if they so choose.

Here's a source:

article is aimed at indie, I dont know how it is for third party, but I figure it is a similar system

in response to your statement about letting indie companies make money on the Wii U.

Every game put on a digital store has the owner of said store take a percentage of the profit. it is this way with PSN, XBLA, Steam, and E-shop. I believe that Nintendo takes 10%/20% of E-shop income, I could be wrong, in which case a $10 game would earn nintendo $1/$2 of the profit.

exfatal1973d ago

your comment just showed you no nothing about whats going with Nintendo and are just speaking for the sake of being part of the "its cool to hate on nitnendo" bandwagon. yes nintendo has alot of work to do when coming with relationships with 3rd party developers but for indies they have alot of control and support on the Wii u as of late and it's showing with the support they are giving the Wii U

greenlantern28141973d ago

Defend them if you want but the fact is for any one putting stuff on eshop to make money first the game has to make so much money.
And if their is so much support for the wiiu where is it. And of course any body who doesn't sing the praises of Nintendo is just jumping on the hating Nintendo band wagon.
And I joined that band wagon when Nintendo came out with the piece of crap Wii.

deafdani1973d ago

Nope. That was the Wii's Wiiware service. Nintendo has turned things around completely for the Wii U's eShop, and pretty much every indie developer that's made anything for Wii U only talks about how great Nintendo is to work with now.

Timesplitter141973d ago

Nintendo needs an actual next-gen console aimed at people who play games.

Kietz1973d ago

They have that. It's called the Wii U.
"Next gen" is just a term now used by by children to whine about the tech of a machine.
As for games, face it, Nintendo has the most consistent lineup of quality, first-party releases around. People knock them for always releasing the same handful of titles, but there's not another company in the industry who would be able to manage such a thing.
Nintendo is, and will be, doing just fine. Not only in the handheld market, but the console market. Let some of the already announced titles release, and then lets see if the system is still dead in the water.
Still waiting for Vita to catch its stride. Not many on this site dare trash that thing.

1973d ago
stuna11973d ago

You sound just like one of the Xbox1 apologist! Just because you can continue to pull the wool over someones eyes doesn't mean you should.

I grew up on Nintendo, and from my standpoint it's definitely time for them to start taking some risks, and I don't mean in hardware either! Just because we grew up with the stigma of Nintendo consoles should be family friendly, doesn't mean that this generation of gamers want that!

I'm willing to bet that is exactly why their 3rd party support is lacking, because 3rd party doesn't want to be completely overshadowed by Nintendo 1st party. At some point it was up to Nintendo to develop some type of equalibrium between all parties involved! Let people make the type of games they want, without having to be shoehorned into control schemes that aren't fully understood or practicle.

I have faith in the Nintendo name, but I also realise times change, and things change with time! Nintendo should be one of those things. I'm not saying completely, but they need to learn to adapt better.

The term Next Gen is a term that be used to prove or disprove an arguement just in the context it's used, but those believing in the WII U abilities in context of competing in the arena with the Xbox1 and PS4....... Do I really need to say it!? This is not a fanboyish statement, this is "FACT"! Already there are games slated for release on the Xbox1 and PS4 that simply will not be able to be fit on the WII U without massive downgrades! This is no ones fault except Nintendo's , they underestimated the next gen consoles! As well as a lot of fanboys concerning specs, price, graphics, and games! Those same fanboys are quiet as Hell right about now.

exfatal1973d ago

i seriously feel like asking the age of who ever says that nintendo needs to have a next gen system when the Wii U is already out.

My money is there either 11-17 year old boys or men/women with that age mentality

greenlantern28141973d ago

Or people who don't just blindly follow Nintendo and whatever they do.

TriforceLightning1973d ago

Sony and Microsoft need real next-gen consoles because all i saw from them were more graphics and software that we already have an abundance of now.

stuna11973d ago

So where does Nintendo fit into that little statement of yours!?

MoreRPG1973d ago

Even with the limitations Nintendo still can make great games. They just need people with new ideas.

MisfitsInc1973d ago

my biggest issue with the Wii U, is that it's Nintendo's first HD console and their biggest games are 2-D platformers. if an HD Metroid game was available i would get a Wii U, but with the current games out i have no desire to get one.

TriforceLightning1973d ago

If an HD Metroid existed you would get it regardless, even it was 2-D; if you truly were a fan.

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