YouTube Hits: Microsoft Xbox 360's Parental Street Cred disaster

Those clever Microsofties, they've put together half a dozen videos educating parents on their children's behaviour. Better than attending a weekly Nursing Mothers' Association meeting, anyway.

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toughNAME3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

ooohh baaad. But the description makes a good point

iAmPS33435d ago

Is that microsoft trying to be "cool"????

VirusE3435d ago

Hmmmm, as much as i want to say something about this there is no point because I imagine we are all thinking the same thing....

GiantEnemyCrab3435d ago

Lord Anubis aka Sony Droid for completely making up his own title.

Where does it say anywhere that these are a disaster? You are injecting your own biased opinion and not following the contributer guidelines. I love how you excluded the only mention of fail on the actual article:

"At least they're not passing it off as UGC, like the disastrous All I Want For Xmas Is A PSP episode"

Spinner3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Shut up GiantEnemyXbot. It's the title from the source:

Lord Anubis3435d ago

lol thank you for the laugh. I guess you did not click on the link. ooh so amusing.

InYourMom3435d ago

but it should of been linked to the original story which was and they make no mention of "disaster" but it looks like the TechDigest site added the "disaster" part and Lord did not add it.

GiantEnemyCrab3435d ago

marketing. Perhaps they should have some girl sitting on the toilet taking a piss??

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