PSP-3000 referenced in PlayStation online manual

Some intrepid PSP Fanboy reader found a green 65x13 GIF file label located within the PSP online manual for a 3000 series model. There are similar labels for the original PSP (1000 series) and its current revision (2000 series). Earlier murmurings of a PSP-3000 model came back in December when hackers discovered a suggestive file in firmware 3.80.

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decapitator3526d ago

Coud we be seeing a new model ? I plan on buying a slim since I have a fat, I need to know if something is going t come out before picking it up.

SSJSubgeta3526d ago

If this is true as it appears, we should expect some news coming straight from Sony themselves or any other highly creditable source.

Amp3526d ago

Still have a fat, want a slim

The Killer3526d ago

sony dont upgrade their hardware every year u know??

andrewf913526d ago

it could just be a typo? ? I mean the 2000 model just came out why would sony make another model now when the PSP Slim is successful as of mow?

Stinkinmushroom3526d ago

They'll wait till begin 2009 i think

The Bloody BladeMart3526d ago

this is very likely a new PSP with built in SSD or OLED-Screen

whoelse3526d ago

Then it would cost hundreds more...

whoelse3526d ago

This is good news.

I was not tempted enough to drop my 1000 to the 2000 but if this 3000 has bluetooth and touch screen, then i may just drop my old phat.

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