Is E3 still relevant? The alternative view

GamesRadar - Only a fool would argue E3 is irrelevant when we’ve just witnessed another absolute cracker of a convention. 2013’s E3 has brought us everything we expected and more. The memes, the gaffes, the unforgettable moments… it’s reignited passions and set us up for at least another decade of gaming. But its worth goes far beyond the obvious community impact.

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Blackdeath_6631917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

good question since nintendo,sony and microsoft held their own conferences this year. it seems to me that all the industry stuff which is what E3 is meant to be about were held in separate conferences(playstation meeting,nintendo direct, MS may21st) while all the games and big reveals that will create a buss/hype were held at E3.E3 has become more for showing off really all the great innovative games,new concepts and indies are being shown off else where at gamescom, pax, GDC etc...

admiralvic1917d ago

Not really...

E3 is typically met with a flood of news / impressions and opinion pieces, which can lead to things being buried. If we had the Nintendo Direct reveals with the Xbox One and PS4 reveal during E3 week, then you can expect that a lot of information / news is going to get buried under all the super awesome revealed stuff. Instead of actively fighting for the top spot during that week, each group just did their own thing so they could secure ample coverage / attention.

As far as indies being shown elsewhere. That has less to do with E3 and everything to do with cost. Last year I believe a small booth at E3 would have ran you $100,000 USD, which is more than a small studio can afford. Even if you DID manage to find / justify the payment to get the booth at E3, you still have to make the news (unlikely given indie news is often forgotten during slow times and even then it would have to be interesting to garner attention at E3). Due to this, those companies (like The Behemoth) just save the money and show off in a setting where a more general public can test our their things an allow word of mouth to sell their product.

Software_Lover1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

I think its good for journalists and video game insiders. Most of the internet only cares about the big conferences:Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo (none this year).

What I would like to see changed is this:

1)Publishers still hold thier conferences (EA, Ubisoft, etc).
2)Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo still hold their conferences but they are only allowed to show games that are 1st party, or exclusive to their platform. That would stop some of the clutter in these shows
3)No dancing allowed

Agent_00_Revan1917d ago

I think the thunderous showing at Sony's conference followed by the mass influx of preorders show that it is The main stage for gamers and games to shine.

Sure that news could've been broadcast any other day, but I dont think it would've had the massive impact it did during the show.

Plus I see E3 as the time I get the heads up on newly announced games. Games I didn't even know about or know much about.

I spent a lot of time watching the Thief & Beyond demos. 2 games I was interested in, but hadn't seen much of.

And companies like Ubisoft have blown me away 2 years in a row with reveals of never before seen games.

level 3601917d ago

We need big conferences like E3 because without it games, gaming devices and gamers' in general wouldn't have a proper place to exhibit, a place to go and be part of the global community sharing news/tech person-to-person.

It may only be a once in a year gathering but it's a big deal and E3 matters.

Small or big hype is not the question at E3 it's just being there in person or watching E3 being streamed over the internet. Being part of it all as gamers' is what matters.

skydragoonity1917d ago

I have been looking up to e3 every year for as long as I can remember.