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Why Assassin’s Creed IV might be the biggest game in the world

GamesRadar - This game was made by a multicultural team of various faiths and beliefs’. This message, which runs at the start of every Assassin's Creed game, started out as a convenient disclaimer for the sensitive subject matter of the original game. After all the conflict between the Christian and Muslim faiths is often headline news. However, since then it has grown to explain so much more about Assassin’s Creed. Each entry in the series now has six or seven separate studios working on the same game from all corners of the globe. Now, that opening screen is more boast than disclaimer--and quite rightly so. The latest iteration--AC4: Black Flag--is one of the most ambitious global projects in games. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Ksar  +   805d ago
Such optimism... that's sweet.
Reibooi  +   805d ago
I have to say that being someone who has not bothered with a game in the series since the first one this one does look the most interesting.(Although I guess that is just taste)

That said I don't expect it to be anything overly special and I may not ever play it.(I play 3rd party games on PC and Ubisoft and PC are strange bed fellows)
HammadTheBeast  +   804d ago
2 is one of the best in the series. Possibly the best.
Reibooi  +   804d ago

I rented 2 not long after it came out and quit after like 2 or so hours because it looked to basically be more of the same but with a few different repetitive tasks.

I have had quite a few friends yell at me and tell me I did not give it a chance and I admit I probably should go back and try it but so much other stuff is coming out and my back log is crazy full of games I know I will like. Maybe someday I will go check it out again. I mean it woulden't be that much if I waited for a good Steam sale so maybe.
Neixus  +   805d ago
how about no, just because people from all over the world developes it, doesn't mean it will be the biggest game in the world.
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ScubaSteve1  +   805d ago
im not falling for the hype. fool me once with assassins creed 3, you aren't going to get me with ac4
CrossingEden  +   805d ago
then find something productive to do instead of reading articles about a game you won't buy -__ -
starchild  +   805d ago
What are you talking about? AC3 was the best game in the series. The traversal mechanics, fighting mechanics, stealth mechanics, graphics, narrative, gameplay variety....all of it was massively improved.

So please tell me, what in the world did you get fooled about?
Omeganex9999  +   804d ago
I have to be honest, I was quite disappointed by the story of AC3, but yeah, definitely I don't get why the series is getting all this hate. If we don't count the first one (I couldn't finish it, too boring), the other titles are all damn good. They are quite long (except for the Revelations) and each new chapter brings a lot of new addictions. Looking forward for AC4, I hope the PC version this time is actually playable (AC3 was really bad optimized for PC, the framerate went down even if my laptop has a core i7 and a 7970m) since it costs less.
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Anthotis  +   805d ago
Always hated that they feel the need to put that disclaimer there, just in case self loathing, white, sociology students crash twitter with their whining and complaints because they think that the subject matter of art, films, games etc should be dictated by them and requires their seal of approval.
WolfOfDarkness  +   805d ago
Still ! Assassin greed 4 is NOT designed for the next generation consoles in the first place , it's the same old graphic Engine , that's why it will be released on PS3 and xbox 360
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Kennytaur  +   805d ago
The same old graphics engine developed for AC3, Anvil Next, that was originally meant and built for next gen consoles? Sit down.
WolfOfDarkness  +   804d ago
Again I will say it , this game is NOT designed for Next Gen Consoles Only ( PCM , Xbox 360 , ps3 ) And that's means the game is Not going to look that good on next gen consoles .
WolfOfDarkness  +   804d ago
Ok , Why BF4 is looking better thancall of duty : ghosts on nex gen consoles
WolfOfDarkness  +   804d ago
Ok , Why BF4 is looking better than call of duty : ghosts on nex gen consoles
starchild  +   805d ago
Graphics engines are scalable. You don't have a clue what you are talking about.

Are you going to say the same thing about Naughty Dog using the same engine next gen as they did this gen?
Kennytaur  +   804d ago
Ehm, both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts will be released on PS3 and 360.

Battlefield looks better thanks to its talented developers, longer dev time and likely better engine.

I don't see what it has to do with Pirates Creed.
GusBricker  +   805d ago
Is Desmond still involved?
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Kennytaur  +   805d ago
Sure hope not. They should just drop the animus stuff, it got old real quick.
fsfsxii  +   805d ago
Biggest turd in the world.
starchild  +   805d ago
Go back to your anime.

Assassin's Creed is one of my favorite franchises. Every game has raised the bar and been extremely enjoyable.
fsfsxii  +   805d ago
Heh, AC2 was the only good game, anyone with common sense knows that. Please elaborate how every game raised the bar??? I played every AC game, excpet for the handheld games, and found myself really bored with AC Brohood till AC3, i'm not gonna fool myself and say the next one is going to be better because it won't. God, i still regret buying AC3 till this day
matrixman92  +   805d ago
that pic of Edward diving off the boat is gorgeous, I hadnt seen that one
ajax17  +   804d ago
I'm more interested in Watch Dogs and The Division
stragomccloud  +   804d ago
Xenoblade's 400,000 square mile world says hello.

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