HD DVD Officially No Longer Exists - 'HD DVD Promo Group Dissolved'

The HD DVD Promo group was dissolved today, its ashes scattered on the Island of Dead Formats. After a moment of silence, make your way to Best Buy to claim your $50 and trade in your obsolete plastic-or soak up the cheap HD goodness-if you haven't already.

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Silellak3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

"The island of dead formats" is an amusing mental image.

The HD-DVD Highlands takes its place amongst the Bluffs of Betamax, the Laserdisc Lowlands, and the UMD Underground which lies far beneath the great Mount Minidisc.

fenderputty3223d ago

Laser Disk and Beta Max fighting it out over that last coconut when all of a sudden out of the sky falls HD-DVD.

It's like a plastic "lord of the Flies"

ruibing3223d ago

I still have MDs for my Sony MD players and UMD for my PSP.

GiantEnemyCrab3223d ago

and I still have 8-track tapes for my Technics stand alone player.

It's a good thing HD-DVD failed now Sony has some company on that island being the king of failed formats and all.

Torch3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )


Say, that wouldn't be near VHS Valley at the foot of Mt. Vinyl and right off of Highway 8-Track, would it???


Covenant3223d ago

Good one! Made me laugh. Agree + bubbles.

fenderputty3222d ago

Humanizing inanimate objects FTW.

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RobertGonz693223d ago

HD-DVD fans. Not... Should have went Blue in the first place.

Breakfast3223d ago

format fans. Not...should have gotten a life instead of picking sides on a stupid dvd format

Figboy3222d ago

if you hurry, you can probably still get about $.50 for that HD DVD player you bought.

sour grapes for the win!!

Diabloz3223d ago

Yup, I went to best buy yesturday and there is no HD-DVD movies to be found only blu-ray FTW! :D

BigKev453223d ago

I own both formats, so I didn't lose.

Drekken3223d ago

except the fact that what you have now for HDDVD is it... and soon that will all be blu.

eagle213223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Nice to see the smoke clear. Edit: I mentioned mart earlier (the biggest pro hd dvd/download supporter and the weirdo under me defends his baby)...

GiantEnemyCrab3223d ago

They are too busy playing games. Do you remember what those are?

They own ThreeSixties not CRAPSTATIONS (tm) so their main focus isn't movies.

There has been lots of bad PS3 news today so I am not surprised to see the HD-DVD/Brown-ray articles starting to creep back up.


eagle213223d ago

Oh, are they playing Frontlines of Crap? Cause I'm enjoying MLB: The Show. Bad news? Where? Just FUD as usual. And I didn't approve What the hell are you doing here?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23223d ago

Hows your Crabs 'GiantEnemyCrab'??? Been to the Doctor yet??? ;-D

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