The Throwdown #43 - Post E3 Edition

Breaking News: Microsoft changing DRM policy

Happening At STFUandPLAY

•STFUandPLAY’s home team kicking serious ass during E3
•STFUandPLAY’s status has grown after E3. Everyone is giving us props now
•All of the crazy E3 themed original content we posted

Featured Topic 01: Tony and Manny’s E3 war stories

Featured Topic 02: Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 talk.

Gaming News

•Kiefer Sutherland is the main Snake now. All performances based on his.
•MGSV will be structured more like a TV series
•MGO being development
•Xbox One Loses Oddworld and DayZ due to restrictions. No Fez 2 either.
•Kinect may violate new privacy bill
•Next gen games will cost 60 bucks
•Sex game, Wicked Paradise, coming to the Occulus Rift

Pop Culture News

•Kevin Levine set to write the remake of Logan’s Run
•Christopher Nolan was originally against the ending of The Man Of Steel [SPOILER WARNING from 2:05:50 - 2:07:47]

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