Editorial: Opening the vault

While Bethesda has been silent about details, Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin is still imagining the possibilities for Fallout 4.

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pedrof931883d ago

I said it once and I will say it again.
Bethesda please take your time, but make sure you do a new and decent engine for the game.

Cusmar3501883d ago

Agreed. I hope Fallout 4 wont have half the bugs and hitches Skyrim did when it launched. Thay make great games, I just hope they'll have the time to really polish it off.

Anthotis1883d ago

The engine they used for Skyrim was an improvement over the one they used for the Fallout games and Oblivion. Hopefully, they'll continue with their improvements for this Fallout.

My greatest fear for the game is that they will begin to dumb down the Fallout games as they did the Elder Scrolls series.

Virus601883d ago

At least they aren't trying to hit a launch window. They certainly have the freedom to take their time and develop for the next generation without a specific deadline like the console launches.

Largestblock21881d ago

I really hope they take the time to make it all better. Make the details in graphics better,fix a lot of bugs,and fallouts combat. And I would like if they put more into melee combat and maybe sprinting because it just takes to long to run/jog all the way across the wastland if you haven't discovered the location.

cootdog1231876d ago

This dude is harping on Fallout New Vegas an awful lot lol. The only thing I would like to see come from New Vegas is the weapons and MOD of the weapons and that is the only two things. IMO the story line in Fallout 3 was way better the landscape was way better and the fight scene was way better. It was just a better game period and I hope to all that is holy they keep Obsiden away from it.

Cusmar3501876d ago

I think Fallout New Vegas did some things better than Fallout 3, but the story and setting in 3 was more interesting.