Xbox One: An Xbox fan’s thoughts on Microsoft’s flip flop

It has been about 2 days since Microsoft made the announcement that they will be removing all internet connectivity requirements and DRM from their next Gen console; The Xbox One. An announcement they say was prompted by the public outcry VIA social networking and other media outlets. Microsoft claims they listened to our voices, but it seems to many, much more likely that it was the shareholders who influenced this decision.
In this article and Video, Muzz from NerdKO talks about why he thinks the decision was made and what he will be playing this Gen.

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rela82me1998d ago

Cheaper price is really the only thing going for ps4. Lineup is completely debatable and is perspective. The hardware difference on paper is better, but so was ps3 and I could have been fooled. I truly don't think that this hardware difference will make up for the superior software, and networking support that Microsoft has offered for the last 2 generations. Free games every month doesn't justify poor online experience and data security.

I wouldn't say picking any console would be a no brainer, it's truly up to your preference. If your a heavy online gamer, and lean towards the shooter / medium - hardcore games than xbox is your console. If you enjoy more single-player and cinematic games ps4 is your choice.

Both offer some of what their competitor specializes in but they can't reproduce it with authenticity.

from the beach1998d ago

Games lineup is the interesting variable, both consoles look like they have solid stuff from day one but there's always that potential of a 'breakout hit' emerging.

sic_chops1998d ago

Yeah, like The Last of Us. GOTY

dolkrak1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Sony software offer has always been superior to what MS offers. Great exclusives like The Last of Us, while MS now releases mostly Kinect games as exclusives.

There is no equivalent to Uncharted 2 or The Last of Us on 360.

Why would we pay 100$ more for a 30 to 50 % inferior machine anyway. Difference will be obvious since they share the same architecture, dev has no effort to make for games to look a lot better on PS4.

Then there's PS+, a lot more value than Live Gold. And then there's the possibility MS tries again with shitty DRM and anti consumer things.

Then there's the obligation to buy Kinect and keep it connected.

The decision is a no brainer, there's zero reason to go XB1 here...

1998d ago
dolkrak1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

@edonus :

There's no Gears on XB1 and if there was it would be multi anyway and the best version will be on PS4

Halo died the day Bungie left, now they showcase Destiny on PS4.

PS4 is 30 to 50 % superior, with more RAM and more powerful GPU, it's a fact, go check on any website.

PS+ value is not debatable compared to Gold, on PS+ you get free AAA games every month among multiple other benefits.

The ghost of DRM was here with MS a few days ago, you must have some form of Alzheimer if you can't remember.

Kinect is mandatory since I can't buy XB1 without it. So I pay for it.

Have fun with your inferior platform.

Anything else ?

fOrlOnhOpe571998d ago

I think Sony has probably kept back a few more gaming suprises to show at Gamescom and TGS. Its going to be a stellar list of release games come November,of that Im sure.

rela82me1998d ago

I certainly hope so, because ps4 had infamous and that's it for me. I will wait to pick one up for better exclusives. Uncharted has never done it for me, it's just a pretty game, the gameplay is stale. GoW is alright, but not a system seller.

Sony hardly beats live, it's really subjective. Yes you get free games, however I don't like the majority that come out AND their online service (the thing I'm buying it for) is really poor. Why just now do we hey cross games chat? Ps+ still needs a lot of catch up from live. However ms needs to get on the free games bandwagon.

dolkrak1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

PS4 has cross game chat, please read a little bit more before commenting.

PSN online service is exactly on the same level as Live now, in quality there's zero difference. IT's been like that for years now.

PSN has gaikai though, so it's actually superior even before PS+. Streaming PS3 games on PS4 was already confirmed at E3.

PS4 will always have better and more exclusives since they fund studios with their money like Naughty Dog instead of trying to buy stupid exclusive DLC nobody cares about.

There will be tons of exclusives, but you already have multiplatform games anyway where the PS4 version will be the superior one, like watch dogs, assassin's creed 4 or destiny.