5 Characters Who May Not Return For New 'Super Smash Bros.'

Game Rant's Riley Little writes "With new characters joining the upcoming pair of ‘Super Smash Bros.’ games, we can’t help but feel concerned about the fate of returning fighters. Here’s a list of 5 who could be cut."

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Exodecai1765d ago

The only one I debate with would be Pokemon Trainer. If Charizard gets cut it's going to be Mewtwo all over again.

Kevlar0091765d ago

But I thought we didn't care for Mewtwo?

Exodecai1765d ago

Based on what I have seen, he's one of the most, if not, the most requested character for the next Smash game after getting the boot from Brawl.

Relientk771765d ago

No, I liked Pokemon Trainer


I hope he's in the new one, I'm assuming if he is, he'll have different Pokemon though

kirbyu1765d ago

They should have him AND a Pokemon Trainer from X/Y

trenso11765d ago

they should have gold be the next trainer with cyndaquil, bayleef, and feraligator as his pokemon. That would be cool.

MrSwankSinatra1765d ago

actually i have no problem with this, honestly they should take out ike too and bring back roy.

socks1765d ago

Roy was crap. Why bring back crap.

Lord_Sloth1765d ago

Obviously you were as innept at using Roy as you are at using a question mark. My bro and I played Marth and Roy as our team and we murdered everything! Roy was Marth with insane power at the cost of some speed. I miss his inclusion very much. He should be added. There was no excuse to cut him anyway, especially since they added a 2nd Fox clone...

socks1765d ago

Lord. You have obviously NEVER played Melee competitively. Im glad you and your bro had fun playing together. However, Roy is a black hole used as a joke "low tier" among players. Inept at Roy? Give me a break. One of the simplest characters in the game. Bottom tier. Like I said,"crap."

dark-hollow1765d ago

They should remove Ike and bring chrom.

Steelmanner1765d ago

I am with you man, ROY ALL THE WAY

_QQ_1765d ago

Lucario is for sure going to be gone.I think wolf should stay just change his moveset because fox needs a villian in the game,and i really hope snake stays

kirbyu1765d ago

Well then they should make Andross playable.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1765d ago

All I need is Samus and Zero Suit Samus.
And then people for her to fight against.

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The story is too old to be commented.