Firmware Update 0.48: Next Game Dave

Firmware Update welcomes special guest Dave Thomas aka Next Game Dave, star of the new YouTube show of the same name. It’s a good thing that he’s there; as they’ll need back up to cover the the latest news on the XBox 180 debacle.

Talking Points: PS4′s happy sales figures, do we finally know when the PS4 is coming out?, Sony is turning PS3 into bricks, Microsoft becoming a cartoon evil corporation, Xbox One’s future, the many projects of Next Game Dave, there’s a Beetlejuice sequel?, and Joe argues semantics about there being too many Mario Bros games.

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FrightfulActions2002d ago

The title in conjuncture with the choice of preview picture on this submission is horribly misleading on first glance.

CowardDuck2002d ago

You mean how it says podcast on it?

FrightfulActions2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

When viewing this in the browser and not directly selected the preview image is significantly smaller. Like a quarter of the size, I'd say. Infact when viewing it indirectly (not having selected it to see the larger version but rather list-view) N4G cuts out the "Po" of podcast. So you only see a little tiny "dcast" tucked under the temperature reading. Where as the much larger font "Firmware Update" is not obscured at all and is very easy to see.

"Podcast" is mentioned in the photo but is very small in the tiny picture that isnt much bigger than our avatars with part of it cut off and the rest is tucked and kinda overshadowed by the temperature rating. There is no mention of "Podcast" in the title of the artcle itself.

If you honestly cannot see why this could be misleading at first glance then I don't know what to say. Especially at a time like this when the last firmware bricked some users systems and they're probably waiting desperately to hear news of a fix, I cannot help but feel some will be a bit disappointed, if only for a moment, if they get mislead by this.

This is in no way a remark about the podcast itself, just a remark on the poor way they choose to display themselves which I feel could had been made less suggestive of an actual firmware update.

Edit: Included an image of what the submission looks like in the browser list just incase you don't get what I'm saying. Again, if you cannot see why that might be misleading at first glance then I don't know what to say.