Code Of Princess Producer Wants To Develop Sequel For PS4 Or Xbox One

Yasuo Nakajima (producer of Code Of Princess): If a sequel goes into development it will be for PS4/Xbox one

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tarbis1974d ago

Please make an HD CoP for PS3 and PS Vita first.

Need4Game1974d ago

It'll be as Bad as the PS3 version of Bayonetta.

miyamoto1974d ago

M$ Xbox 360 had Guardian Heroes HD
Ninty 3DS had Code of Princess
PS3 and PS Vita has Dragon's Crown


r211974d ago

I highly doubt it'd do great on an xbox console. PS or Nintendo console would be better IMO.

pixelsword1974d ago

Depends if they also want to sell in Japan, I guess.

Dj7FairyTail1973d ago

lol like someone gonna pay 400 for this game on PS4. Like someone gonna buy an Xbox One which isn't even confirmed to come to Japan or will even sell.

This is another No More Heroes, Goldeneye 007 and Epic Mickey sequel or port bombed situation.

Slappy McGee1974d ago

*game does great on a Nintendo platform*

"Let's make the sequel for Xbox/PS4 only!!!"

...developer logic.