You can use Keyboard + Mouse with PS3 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Server Transfers Open

The PS3 beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn reveals the ability to use keyboard and mouse like on PC, while server transfers have been opened for former players.

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Nevers1767d ago

I'll definitely be hooking up my keyboard for communication... but I felt the controller was working out for me pretty well. Felt very similar to FFxi's gamepad controls. Really looking forward to playing some more of the beta tonight.

Abriael1767d ago

oh yeah, the cross action bar is the best thing invented since Nutella lol. I'm actually using my 360 controller on PC more often than not.

Crystallis1767d ago

i need to get a keyboard. I had a keyboard playing ffxi on 360 but lost it :(

Abriael1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

@crystallis: there's a very cheap one by logitech that works wondeers because it stays on your lap perfectly, can't remember the name but it's like 20 bucks.

Edit: remembered it, it's named K120

Crystallis1767d ago

cool, thanks for the heads up. Anything you can remember about besides the name i can recognize it with?

nick3091767d ago

I like using my ds3 on my pc rather than 360's controller

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Kyosuke_Sanada1767d ago

It's good being back in the Final Fantasy Online realm. It has a certain " a place where everybody knows your name" feeling.

Nevers1767d ago

I felt the same way...

despair1767d ago

Anyone can tell me how much a lone player can manage in this game, I want to try it but I am not exactly a team player, which I know is ironic for an MMO. Damn I need to get into the beta.

Abriael1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Almost everything, it's very solo-friendly, besides dungeons.

And even then, there's the duty finder that puts you in a group automatically for dungeons.

despair1767d ago

oh that sounds awesome, I hate having to make a party or look for people or well talk to people online so this works well for me. Thanks for the reply

TheEvilWithin1767d ago

Still waiting for my code from square enix. I really want to get playing this. Buying for the PS3 then Buying it again for the PS4! I loved playing Final Fantasy 11. Hope this one is as good if not better then. Hated partying for 6 hours straight to get like 2 to 3 lvls lol But it was fun none the less.

Nevers1767d ago

Seems like it has the potential to be better... seems less full of "grind to insanity" type content and it's amazingly pretty. I played a mage to lvl 10'ish and a Lancer to lvl 5. I had a blast the entire time.

Tdmd1767d ago

Same here in both stances: will get it for ps3, and later on, probably on ps4 as well. Also waiting for a chance to join beta.

On topic though, I rather stick with my ds3, but it is good news for those who like mouse&keyboard better. It seems to me that they are getting everything right for the ps3 launch!

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