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The Last of Us' Final Hours: The Generation's Perfect Ending

VideoGamer: "The ending of The Last of Us not only wraps up Naughty Dog's latest perfectly, but it is a fine send off to the generation as a whole. Spoilers within." (Naughty Dog, PS3, The Last Of Us)

moparful99  +   769d ago
Was anyone else shocked by the ending as well? It certainly didn't end where I thought it was going to or how. Then it suddenly ends. I'm assuming it ended the way it did to Segway into a sequel but I'm not sure.. I've just never had a game end the way it did..
Imalwaysright  +   769d ago
I'm glad it ended the way it did because I want TLoU2.
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Roper316  +   769d ago
finished my first play through this morning and ya it ended a little sooner and not at all as I expected but it did leave a great opening / lead in for the sequel.

I would like to elaborate a little more but would hate to possibly spoil anything for anyone that hasn't finished or even started the game yet because I would feel horrible if I did.
BX81  +   769d ago
Yeah I wanted a little more closure as well. I wonder if there is more to the ending if you beat it on the hardest level?
karl  +   769d ago
i really liked the ending.. i thought i was gonna end with ellie or joel dead...

and that moment seem like about 10 hours into the game.. but the game kept going forward.. so i was happy and had no idea how much game was left to finish it...

it was all to reach the fireflies and they did.. soo i think it ended where it was suppose to...

but joels answer to elli´s question had a huge impact on me but i cant expand on that without spoiling
xxchicago33xx  +   769d ago
why everything else you said was a f*(ckin spoiler...I already beat it...but man you're a real piece
karl  +   769d ago
haha u r right.. im sorry..

but that moment was really important soo i was careful about that ..

haha i did sort of spoil the rest though
ginsunuva  +   769d ago
The only problem with it was that I never got to use a lot of the weapons I had been upgrading. I didn't know when the last encounter would be. I never even got to fire the flamethrower once!

Oh well NG+ and Survivor mode will give me 2 more playthroughs to try em out.
moparful99  +   768d ago
I'm in love with the flamethrower! Talk about crowd control.. It's awesome because they will run around bumping into each other and setting one another on fire..
Walker  +   769d ago
The Generation's only Perfect Game ! just finished TLoU and i can say that was my best experience in this generation consoles !

Well done NAUGHTY GODs !
moparful99  +   769d ago
Me too.. I literally just finished a little over an hour ago.. Cant wait to play New Game+
Imalwaysright  +   769d ago
My favorite of this gen alongside the Soul series.
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unchartedxplorer  +   769d ago
The ending was...fairly surprising. In a really good kind of way. Watch out for spoilers, people who haven't played the game yet.
LarVanian  +   769d ago
I loved the ending! In a way, it was kind of unexpected. The last half hour of the game was pretty intense and emotional. The only problem I had with the game overall was that......it ends :(.
ArchangelMike  +   769d ago
my sentiments exactly. Joel turn out to be a real bad ass 'mofo'
tigertron  +   769d ago
I didn't see it coming, but I'm actually pretty happy with the ending, and I'm not usually impressed with endings.
GDDR6_2014  +   769d ago
This gen is not ending!
gaffyh  +   769d ago
When it ended I was like... DAMN!.. and was thinking to myself, " a lot of people won't like this ending".
Revolver_X_  +   769d ago
I thought the ending is great, if you look to the future. The question Ellie asks, and then the way Joel answers, could possibly be the whole theme of TLoU2.
Roper316  +   769d ago
couldn't agree more and thought the same thing.
hardcorehippiez  +   769d ago
havent plaayed the story yet just the opening and im already liking it. the online however , well all i can say is im addicted. well done naughty dog
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   769d ago
Did my first playthrough on Hard.What a trip.
At the end i think i had, like, 1 pistol bullet and a brick lol.

The ending itself was unexpected, to say the least.Joel really loved her like a daughter towards the end.He must of, to do what he did.
karl  +   769d ago
totally agree

now what i like the most is that in most games the ending is usually a complete scene or decision thats taken by actions of the characters..

the last scene in this game was not that huge but what really left an impression on me was joels words at the end

cuz the game was soo well designed that i totally understood him ...

and those words are the ending for me.. not the final battle in the game.
jonboi24  +   769d ago
I think the ending was perfect. It showed that the whole game was more about Jole than the other plot. He's selfish search for finding something to live for and he found it in Ellie. I was surprised how opened they left the ending. I really want to know more of this world and this story. The Last of Us 2 on PS4, make it happen Naughty God's.
dragonopt1  +   769d ago
The ending was perfect, he lost his daughter and over the course of them being together he started to care about her, he even said you need to have something to fight for and that was now her. Plus ND said they plan on making TLOU 2 and 3 since there's more stories to be told.
PLAYWATCH  +   769d ago
To me, the very last scene wasn't the only part of the ending. The whole last 30mins was all part of the ending, majority of which was on such a high that the very last scene needed to be on a low. I felt the whole last part was awesome.

This is one great game that ppl will remember for a long time. All gamers should play this.

I recommend using Headphones or Surround sound system for this game. Audio is very important in this game.
FreshRevenge  +   769d ago
The ending was better than some endings I know(pointing to you Mass Effect 3) It does open it up for a sequel. The end shows what a father would do to protect his children.
PLAYWATCH  +   769d ago
Love the comment about what a father would do to protect his children. What an emotional game this was. What a ride it was! Thank you Naughty Dog!
GedoMazo  +   769d ago
The ending was very well thought. As you noticed Ellie was always saying 'okay' to whatever Joel says. At the end she did the same because she also didnt want to leave Joel.
flightdown  +   769d ago
Could not find fault with the ending in any way. Superbly written.
BushLitter  +   769d ago

When the Spring sequence started, I got the feeling that I would eventually have to make a choice - Save Ellie and doom Mankind, or sacrifice her for its benefit.

I had no doubt that when the time came to make the choice, I would have protected her no matter what. I have never been so attached to a character in any game I've played before. It truly was a remarkable experience, and I hope to God they don't make a sequel.
goldwyncq  +   769d ago
Bioshock Infinite had the better ending IMHO, but this ending was great too. It's just that a little more closure would have been nicer.
e-p-ayeaH  +   769d ago
The ending just fits i wasnt expecting much else.
BlaqMagiq24  +   769d ago
I thought it was perfect. It could lead to a sequel, but even if we don't get one it was the best way to end their journey.
Rhezin  +   768d ago
they could do so much with this world, I really hope they plan on a sequel. They could even focus on different survivors if they thought Joel and Ellie's story was done.

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